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Steem Interactive API - fetch blockchain data in 1-click


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Recent Developer bounty completed successfully. It was my first attempt to use Gitcoin and experience is quite simple and elegant. So here is short summary of the work...

Steem interactive API

There were 3 applicants and 1 completed task within day or two. With contribution of @developerfred, we now have updated with better structure and format which closely follows official devportal documentation format.

Community APIs are also part of this update, but it won't work until official release of communities.

How to fetch blockchain data?

This interactive Steem API is the answer, if you are developing apps or scripts on Steem, this tool can greatly help you get started quickly. You can fetch blockchain data right inside your browser with one click! Learn more about parameters and output formats.

Check it out and build something awesome!

Steem on!

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