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Gold Jewelry Will Never Be the Same


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Has anyone ever purchased 24 karat gold ever gone back to buying any other kind of gold jewelry?

Ask any of the 9000+ customers who have left a positive review for Mene Investment Jewelry:


I can hardly even look at jewelry in the retail displays now that I own Mene.

Whats the difference?


Take a look at this photo. On the right is a 14 karat gold ring, the greater than sign is platinum, and the ring in the left is a 24 karat gold Mene ring:


The first thing you will notice is the color. Because the Mene ring is pure gold, its is mixed with cheaper metals and the color remains a deep glowing yellow.

The 14 karat ring is only 52% gold, with the rest being made of inexpensive alloys.


The ring on the left, the Mene ring, has over 3x the gold content than the 14k ring. If you were to pick it up, you would notice a substantial weight in your hand vs the 14k ring that feels like air.

The Mene ring is sold by gram weight based on current market metals price and designed by Diana Picasso, the granddaughter of the famous artist Pablo Picasso.


Mene is designed to be investment jewelry, so every piece that you purchase is tracked automatically within your mene account and can be sold our exchanged much like a stock.

To date, almost every single Mene customer is up on their investment.


I can’t imagine ever buying anything less than 24 karat gold jewelry again, and since Mene is the only jewelry company in the US that sells 24k jewelry, I’ll be buying from them forever!

Note: Mene is also one of the few companies that accepts cryptocurrency as well as traditional payment menthods.

Earn $5 in Mene credit for signing up for Mene with this invite link:

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Earn $5 in Mene credit for signing up for Mene with this invite link:

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Jewelry Worth It’s Weight in Gold:

Menē crafts 24 karat gold and platinum investment jewelry™ that is transparently sold by gram weight. By combining innovative technology with timeless design, Menē restores the ancient tradition of jewelry as a store of enduring value.

I am on a personal mission to spread the word about Goldmoney and Menē through any means necessary. Goldmoney\Mene allows individuals to empower themselves by protecting their savings by owning small or large amounts gold previously inaccessible to regular people like you and me.

The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

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