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Tag Sales and Other Things - June 16, 2019 @goldenoakfarm


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Enamel pots and pans1 crop June 2019.jpg

I found this set of enamel ware at a tag sale along our route. It was rather battered but had cool items: a measuring container (lower right), a mixing bowl (upper right), 3 sauce pans, a small pitcher, and…

Enamel pots and pans1 - double boiler crop June 2019.jpg

This double boiler with measurements on the side. There was also a percolating coffeepot, but my husband doesn’t like perked coffee, so I left it behind.

Hummel - boy with pigs crop June 2019.jpg

I found this Hummel at one of our planned ones.

Tablecloth crop June 2019.jpg

I also found this tablecloth at a sale on our route.

Ceramic tiles tag sale3 crop June 2019.jpg

At one of our tag sales we found this ceramic tile. We didn’t buy it but we did take the contact info, so when the time comes, perhaps she will still have it.

Some stuff I saw this morning:

Big garden - shallots crop June 2019.jpg
Big garden – French Grey shallots

Big garden - horehound crop June 2019.jpg
Big garden – horehound

Big garden - Canterbury Bells crop June 2019.jpg
Big garden – Canterbury Bells

Big garden - mess to clear crop June 2019.jpg
The mess still to be cleaned up in the Big garden…

Chairs under trees crop June 2019.jpg
The chairs under the trees, for another week or 2…..

Well, I guess I have procrastinated long enough. Laundry to start, kitchen to clean, scapes to process, best get to it….

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