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Concrete is Poured! - August 15, 2019 @goldenoakfarm


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Construction - forms ready1 crop August 2019.jpg

Thursday morning they were here at 7:30 and finished the form building.

Construction - forms ready2 crop August 2019.jpg

It turned out to be a big day for us, a turning point in this project.

Construction - concrete arrives crop August 2019.jpg

The concrete truck arrived about 10AM.

Construction - concrete pour crop August 2019.jpg

And our first concrete was poured.

Construction - footers with keyways and pads1 crop August 2019.jpg

They had not built the pad for the masonry heater. They plan to do that with the walls.

Construction - footers with keyways and pads2 crop August 2019.jpg

This is the third time we’ve built here, and it is the first time I got to see the foundation made.

Construction - tall forms unloading crop August 2019.jpg

Once the concrete truck left, they backed the form truck in and started unloading.

Construction - tall forms crop August 2019.jpg

This was not all the forms, just the tall ones. Two walls are 6’ high and have shorter forms. Those will arrive later.

So, barring the next disaster, we are on our way now! Once they have started, they will quickly finish and move onto the next job. When the walls are inspected, the outside of the cellar wall sealed and the soil pushed back to them, we will be able to work steadily, we hope on the deck.

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