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Ulog 129: Pet Peeves- Where Are People's Work Ethics?


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It's not that I'm an impatient person, it's just that I take people for their word.

If someone tells me to expect something, then I grasp onto that (their word). And when they fail to produce what was promised when it was promised, I tend to get irritated. Do you?

This pet peeve of my expectations from people goes back and spans over two decades, from when I was a newspaper reporter and I was calling someone or stopped by their office waiting for an interview, some quotes or basic information for newspaper story I was working on... with a deadline.

If someone told me they would call me back and promise to get the information to me, knowing I had to meet a deadline on this day, at this time; and they didn't get back to me... I would get so upset. They were, after all, messing with not only my job, but also my reputation. (And we ALL know how valuable a reputation is.)


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Back in the olden days, it was always common knowledge that a man's word was his honor/bond.

If a cowboy gave his word about a business transaction or deal, the person on the receiving end knew he would be true to his statement.

But words are just words now. People expect to be forgiven for not following through with what they promised. Excuses are a dime a dozen and I have had my fill of empty promises and broken appointments.

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I've been waiting for two weeks for someone to come out and clean out our gutters here. I now this may sound trivial to some of you, but I cannot go up a ladder to save my own life. With ferocious bouts of vertigo, an unsteady stance and un-coordination, I am a prime candidate for a hospital emergency room visit if I attempt this feat.

Mr Golden D works 12 hour days, seven days a week and by the time he gets home... he's exhausted and bedtime is right around the corner. So I can't expect him to trudge up a ladder to do this maintenance. Plus I am the person who handles all the household tasks.

I have called eleven people to come do this. Either I left a message with no return call to schedule this chore; or people on the other end of the telephone say they'll have someone call back to schedule a good day and time. Needless to say, no return calls... as of yet.

But almost two weeks ago, someone answered my call, set up a day and time to come out and do this... and I sit here and am still waiting, although they were supposed to be here two Sundays ago.

Then again last Wednesday AND Thursday... and again this past Sunday.

I get so irritated by the nonchalant attitudes, brushing off of a good payday they'll receive and the dismissive work ethics these people are conveying about themselves.

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