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MMORPGs on the Blockchain


5 months agoSteemit3 min read

A writing contest is being put on by @steem-bet asking everyone what game do you think can be greatly enhanced using blockchain technology? And why?. My response would be MMORPG's and here are a few reasons I think they would be a good choice.

Most MMORPG's already have an in-game economy with "magical internet money" so why not integrate it with "real" magical internet money. If you've never thought of it before it's actually pretty neat. The main reason why most if not all MMORPGs have repair cost for items in the game is to help reduce the amount of money in the game. This is basically a token burning mechanism to help prevent runaway inflation in the game from completing quests and selling "vendor trash".

Just think you have PoW, PoS, PoB, and now PoC. A token that is now "mined" by competing quests in an RPG. It would be pretty neat if you could go out in the game and find a node of "game token" and actually just to have your player mine that as well with different in-game upgrades you could purchase like a better pickaxe.

Some people sell digital items for fiat anways so why not just take out some of the middlemen and allow people to sell digital assets for crypto. This would also help to prevent scammers online and make for a more reputable marketplace for people to transact as they could actually see if said person had item they were claiming to have.

Just think if people, through the use of smart contracts, could develop different aspects of the game as well and make money for it. Sell pets that you've created in the game, or skins for different characters. Think if you could create a dungeon in the game and, once it's approved by the community, you could charge people to go into your dungeon and kill the bosses and defeat the monsters for the items and improvement you've developed for the game.

A place were players could help shape the world by purchasing "blocks of space" in the game and then set-up personal shops to sell items they've farm or developed, or decide to be a farmer of raw materials so they can set-up there own mine, or flower/herb garden for making in-game potions and armor. Players could even decide if they want to set-up shop in a popular city and run a guild of thieves and miscreants or dogooders and justice defenders "police" if you will.

People could then either buy subscription time by using fiat or by paying with crypto which would help give a somewhat stable value of the currency and a "real world use case".

The possibilities could be almost limitless. Obviously, some limits would have to be set-up so a player couldn't create some sword that was always the best in the game and could only be used by them. That wouldn't be any fun, but I could see a blockchain that is set-up in a DPOS way, where all changes had to be approved by some council before they went into effect. Essentially, a MMORPG that would be initially set-up by a central authority, but would be continually developed and improved in a decentralized manner using blockchain and cryptocurrency.



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