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An Eulogy to a Rare Gem (My Sister).


7 months ago2 min read

She struggled to come first but her creator said No;
She pleaded to come first her creator again said No;

She cried to come first but her creator said No;
She wished to come first but her creator told her that her place is the second position, because he has a purpose for her being the second;
She smiled and never bothered the creator again;
She waited till it was her turn to come to a wonderful planet called the earth.

She gradually grew into a young beautiful lady;
So beautiful to behold;
She came into this planet on the 17th day of October 19...........
She is my sister and her name is Uduakobong Friday Edoho.

She is my play partner;
My gist partner;
She has a beautiful heart;
Each time I get to discuss with her I always have something new to learn from her;
She is a well of wisdom;
A grammarian;
A teacher so passionate about her profession;
She is a poet, always having beautiful lines of poem to write each passing day;
I love her and she knows I do.

My dear sister hope you know I care so much about you;
On this special day of your life;
I pray God's blessing upon your life;
May God grant all your heart desires according to his will and make you a voice to your generation.

Young elder sister cares so much for you. Stay bless.

Keep my cake for me.


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