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This is an introductory post of @girlsfoundation to the various communities on the blockchain industry. We write this with great excitement to be part of the wonderful and amazing projects that the blockchain society has established in ensuring growth in the lives of everyone. We as a family have a mission to accomplish which we believe the support of all the various communities on the blockchain will possibly aid this challenge. It is a mission for all. Most especially the welfare of women and children on the Africa continent and beyond. The girl's foundation has existed on the steem blockchain for some time now and many achievements have been made with regard to the welfare of women and children. We are not just a foundation but also an advocate for a girl-child to support and encourage young girls and women in Africa.


Since our existence on the blockchain, we have always believed in the support of the decentralization system to assist humanity in our society hence choosing this community. The blockchain in recent times has faced so many challenges which affected many activities of everyone including the girl's foundation. We would want to express our excitement again to the hive community for bringing back the hope that many of us saw earlier. This is the best time to call on everyone to actively get involved in all the great things that this blockchain has started with the support of the various growing communities to get to the future we hope to see.




With the support of all the various communities and leadership, we will be able to achieve the great value we see in the future of young girls and women here in Africa. Join the mission to help the @girlsfoundation t empower women and girls here in Africa and beyond in all spheres of life. The blockchain has and will always make a great impact on the lives of people here in Africa through the girl's foundation but this can never be done without your support.

It deserves a mention that, the girl's foundation is birthed with a mission to enlighten the values and norms of young girls in Africa.

The girl's foundation started in Nigeria under the management of @faetee and @raymondbruce which later got its extension in Ghana under the management of @mcsamm. The foundation has been supervised and led by great crypto enthusiasts like @surfyogi @bleepcoin @ackza @fundition @adollaraday @nanzo-scoop @pennsif @riverhead @demotruk @adetorrent @wafrica and several others.


We invite all stakeholders to join us fully again to prevent the problems and barriers that young girls and women face here in Africa in their quest to attain basic and quality education


  • To enlighten youths of their purpose in life. We believe once you know the truth and purpose of your existence you are free, the journey to success and failure now lies in your hands.
  • Rape free society- Rape is a sexual assault carried out against a person forcefully. The rate at which girls are being raped these days is alarming, we are also humans and we deserve respect. Most rape victims suffer from trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder, serious injuries, and in some cases pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection.
  • Fight against domestic violence- it is also known as intimate partner violence, domestic abuse, or family violence; it's a form of violence committed in a domestic or family setting, such as in marriage or cohabitation. It is called intimate partner violence when committed by a spouse and called family violence when it involves the kids, parents, or elders. Domestic violence has several effects on humans that's is why girls' foundation is picking it up. Effects of domestic violence
    includes :
    1.) Physical effect: This involves bruises round the victim, broken wrists, shortness of breath, etc.
    2.) Mental effect: This involves PTSD (post-traumatic stress),
    pressing, drug abuse, suicidal thoughts, etc.
    3.) Emotional effect: This involves feeling unworthy, hopeless, and not motivated, etc.
    4.)It affects the development of the kids and they suffer from
    depression, anxiety, fear, etc
    Domestic violence always produces an international cycle of violence. Funny, only a few people see themselves as being abused; considering it as a family matter.
  • Girl education: Some people still believe that training a female child is a waste of time and money 'cause they feel she'd still end up in the kitchen, well sorry to disappoint you but ladies can do much more than just being housewives, lots of educated women are doing fine in our society today. Every child deserves an equal right to education. We don't think anyone should be treated differently because of their gender, we are all one and it's high time we realized that.


The primary aim of the girl's foundation is to enlighten youths and increase the awareness of the blockchain. Giving girls the ability to create wealth with their writing skills, without waiting for government intervention.


Reported to you by @mcsamm

We would so much be glad and grateful if you could support @girlsfoundation with your Delegation by simply clicking any of the preferred links below. Many thanks for your support.

Our utmost gratitude goes out to @adollaraday, @fundition, @wafrica and @surfyogi, @pennsif, @bleepcoin, @jaki01, @ackza and @riverhead @joythewanderer @adetorrent @demotruk for their support. We really appreciate your kindness.



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