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If I could change one thing about Steem... better curation rewards for Plankton


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One thing I would change about Steemit is how hard it is for new users to get curation rewards. I am not going into the math, (not sure if I really understand it all anyway), but the biggest cuts tend to go to the biggest upvotes.

Imagine two people in the desert (of good content :-) looking for water. One has a thimble, the other has a bucket. With the current curation system, even if the guy with the thimble finds the oasis first and fills his thimble, the bucket guy can show up, fill up his bucket, and also pour the thimble of water in his own bucket. When Plankton and new accounts find great content, and they are the first to upvote it, even at a perfect 30 minutes, they are overpowered by larger upvotes, and get a lot of 0.001 rewards.

So here is my proposal. Plankton don't mind voting 100%, but whales do this rarely. Currently 75% of rewards go to the author, and 25% go to the curators. Suppose 2% of the curation reward was carved out and given to the first upvote when the post is 5 minutes old, at 80% or more Steem power. The author would still get 75%, and the current curation system would apply to 23%, but the 2% would be a sort of "finders reward". Smaller accounts could do this often, but whales not as much because there is more money at stake. I think this would change Steemit for the better overnight. What Do you think @jesta, @gtg, @aggroed, @surpassinggoogle, @themarkymark, @therealwolf, @good-karma, @jerrybanfield, @curie ?

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