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The disappointment - Short story- Part 5


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She stood up and unlocked the bedroom door. She checked the hallway but didn’t see anyone there. There was no way in hell that she was going to sleep again. She grabbed her blanket and walked to the kitchen to make some tea. She took a seat in her grandfather’s chair again, and after drinking her tea, somehow fell asleep again. 

She was awoken in the early hours of the morning by a very weird sound. It literally sounded like a little boy giggling. She could clearly hear him, and then she saw a small figure running past the window. 

It was the same small boy with the yellow shirt and she quickly ran out the door to follow him. She ran around the house and saw the little figure disappearing into the tall grass.  She followed him to the beach, and she could hear him giggling all the way. It was very misty, and she couldn’t see clearly but as soon as her feet touched the sand, she could not see him or hear him anymore. 

She had a very awkward feeling and checked all over the beach but couldn’t find him anywhere. She was either going insane, or this was something that she couldn’t explain. 

She gave up the search and walked back to the house. She made coffee and sat at the kitchen table. She felt so tired, and the whole experience from this morning haunted her. She just couldn’t get that little face out of her mind. Somehow, she was connected to him, and she had no idea how.  

 John showed up just after seven. He told her that she looked exhausted and she told him that she struggled to sleep. She didn’t want to bother him with the events that took place last night and this morning. 

She looked all messed up and John suggested that she go take a shower while he started breakfast.  She wasn’t really hungry, but she accepted his offer. Her mind was totally switched off and all she could think of while the water ran over her face, was the little boy with the blond hair running in front of her. 

She tied her hair in a ponytail and put on an old tracksuit. She was ready for the cleaning session, and she could smell the bacon in the kitchen.  She suddenly felt hungry.   

John whistled when she walked into the kitchen. “Geez Dominique. You didn’t change a bit. You look exactly like you did when you left town.”

She smiled. “Thanks, but I feel miserable. I didn’t have enough sleep and I just feel grumpy.”

“You’ll feel better once you’ve had breakfast.” He poured her a glass of orange juice and she took a seat opposite him. 

John kept on talking but Dominique was very absent minded and didn’t hear a word he said. 

“Hey, are you even listening to me?” John asked sounding a little annoyed. 

“I’m sorry, I was just thinking about everything that needs to be done today, we should get started.”

 John helped her upstairs and moved some boxes so they could move around more easily.  He was able to open the windows to let in some fresh air and it made a big difference.  

They worked for hours and Dominique felt great about the progress they made. It was about four o clock when they finally stopped working and the place looked awesome. John carried all the boxes downstairs that she was going to donate to charity.  

She didn’t know how she would have done all of this alone. The only thing left to move was the old trunk and they decided to leave that for the following day. 

Dominque ordered Chinese food and finished a few things up in the attic while John went downstairs to fetch the food. He had other plans, and he grabbed an old basket from the kitchen.  He packed a blanket as well as the food and some wine and carried it upstairs.   

The attic had an awesome view of the ocean and John found Dominique there staring out the window.  

“It’s a beautiful view from up here.” John said and spread out the blanket on the wooden floor. She laughed when she saw what he did, and they felt like children having a picnic. They made constant jokes with each other and Dominique felt very relaxed with John. 

John had done more for her in the last two days than Tom had done in three years. 

They were both exhausted and dirty, and they sat cross legged on the wooden floor eating their food. John could see that her mind was wandering off again and tried to break the silence.    

“I wonder what is in this old trunk.” John asked curiously. 

Dominique giggled. “I’m just as curious as you are. I don’t think I can wait until tomorrow to see.”

They both laughed and then John grabbed a hammer to open the lock. They never found a key, so it was the only way to open it. 

The trunk was closed tightly, and it took a lot of effort to open it. It was full of interesting old things, and there were plenty of old photo albums and papers. John took out all the photo albums and they sat down to go through it. 

There were photos of her grandparents and photos of her mother when she was young, but when they opened the third album, there were photos that nearly took away Dominique’s breath. There were photos of her with other kids on the beach, but on the one photo there were two children in a cot.  She had no idea there were any twins in their family. She removed the black and white photo from the album and read the writing on the back. 

Dominique and Vincent born 26 September 1990. 

Dominique handed the photo to John and he was just as stunned as she was. They dug further and then she saw a photo that scared the hell out of her. She was staring at the little boy who had been haunting her. He had blond hair, and he was dressed in a yellow shirt with red pants. She handed the photo to John and he looked panicky.  

“This is the little boy I saw standing in the doorway last night.”

“And it’s the same little boy that appeared in my bedroom last night and woke me up this morning.”

John was furious. 

“What the fuck Dominique, why the hell didn’t you phone me?”

He seemed harmless, and she didn’t dare tell him how nervous she actually was. 

“I followed him to the beach, but he disappeared in the mist.”

“And you didn’t feel it necessary to tell me this in the morning? No wonder you didn’t sleep!” 

John was shouting at her and she could see that he was angry. 

“I’m sorry John.  At first, I thought I’d been hallucinating, but this morning I realized it was real.”

John calmed down a bit and they looked through some more photos. That was the only photo of the little boy that they could find and on all the other photos, it was only her. 

“Does this mean I had a twin brother?”

“It looks like you did. We should see if we can find anything else in here.” John was still pissed off a little but packed out the whole contents of the trunk and after going through each and every little paper, and folder, they finally found what they were looking for. 

To be continued


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