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Do you have anyone that you can trust unconditionally?


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What does it mean to really trust someone?


firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something."relations have to be built on trust" Synonyms:confidence, belief, faith, certainty, assurance, conviction, credence; reliance
"good relationships are built on trust"

Today I want you to read this story( you might have heard this before)

This is the story about a frog and a Scorpion...

Once there was a scorpion that wanted to cross the river. He walked along the banks of the river and tried to find a way to cross the river. He couldn't find any place where he could cross.  He then saw a frog sitting on a rock next to the river.  

"Mr. Frog, would you be able to help me cross the river.  I can climb onto your back and then you can take me across. "

" Why would I even do such a thing? " the frog said, "Once you are on my back then you will sting me and I will die."

"You have to help me because I can't swim and I need to get to my family." 

"If I decide to help you, what will keep you from trying to kill me once we get to the other side?

"I will be so grateful... why would I reward you by killing you, and coincidentally if I kill you then I will also die because I will drown."

The frog thought about this and then told the scorpion to climb onto his back and slowly they crossed the river.  About halfway through, the frog felt a strong sting in his back and felt a numbing feeling in his legs.  The scorpion had stung him. 

"You fool, why did you do this?  Now we will both die!" 

The scorpion shrugged and said:  "It is in my nature, I could not help myself "  

Then they both sank into the river and drowned.

What a sad little story this is!  

The scorpion made a promise but did not keep that promise.  There are many scorpions in the form of humans roaming the earth. Husbands and wives often make promises when they get married, and somewhere along the way they get lost and forget the promise that they made..... 

My friend is currently going through a bad divorce. Although I am also divorced, I am not an advocate for divorce. I have given a lot of advice to both men and women battling in relationships, as I did a course in marriage counseling. My honest advice is to try and get past the lies and the distrust and to complete the full course in marriage counseling. Divorce is not always an option and often we can learn to trust again.    

With my friend, I had different advice.  I have seen her husband treat her badly and drag her down to a level that no woman should EVER be on.  He disrespected her in front of others and he has cheated on her numerous times.  In this case, I was the one who caught him out by accident, but that is a different story.    

It was no shock to my friend, and it gave her a way out. Fortunately, they did not have any children and she will be able to walk away and start her life again.  Three years of a life wasted.  It was an expensive mistake, and she will probably have a very hard time trusting people from now on.  

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How can someone that you love and trust betray you in such a way?

We all make mistakes. Often. Nobody is perfect.  But if you can't trust your partner who can you trust? Many of us are just like the frog.  We trust too easily and we believe that we can trust others. It is only when someone betrays us that we actually realize that that person could in fact not be trusted in the first place.  

Most of us have been betrayed at some point in our lives.  It made us stronger people or perhaps more suspicious.  I am wary of people.  I have been hurt one too many times so I do not trust easily.  

Do we just learn from our mistakes or what makes us trust someone unconditionally?  Is it even possible to trust someone unconditionally?

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