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Arya's Vision. Handcut collage and a few thoughts about the final season of GoT.


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I see a darkness in you and in that darkness, eyes starring back at me. Brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes. Eyes you’ll shut forever. We will meet again.

This line from Melisandre was the inspiration behind my artwork which was based on a promo photo of Arya Stark for season 6. It is an older artwork but because of the importance of the day i decided to present it again along with some of my thoughts about the loooooong awaited last season of GoT.


It is a handcut collage 70/50cm and it is made out of prints, cut and pasted on a sand coloured hardboard.I liked the idea of eyes and combined them with the ravens as the messengers of news for the blind Arya. Also use the sea and shell detail because she was currently at Bravos trying to finish her training. It was not the best sub plot but at least ended with the deserved death of a much hateful character.


Game of Thrones is my favourite series ever, being a huge epic fantasy fan i have been waiting all my life to see a proper spectacle to be made. Lord of the Rings movies opened the way but GoT really took the road and i am hoping for more in the future. What i have not expected from this series was to become such a global phenomenon and for me this is the real value. To find a person from the other side of the world and even if you don't understand his language, know that when you start singing the intro he will sing with you with the same excitement it is not a small thing. GoT did that, connected our world through a pattern of symbolic fantasy.


Another thing i have not expected from a fantasy series was to find so many important contemporary symbolism. Westeros, the Western civilization, dying in an endless civil war created by the power plays of the upper class, the unstopable destruction that is coming for all of us and we are ignoring it as if it is a tale, the immorality, the failure of leaders to deliver and the inability of people who care to prevent all these, are patterns that is see happening right now. A Dragon is not real but a wildfire that burns and kills hundreds of people is. White Walkers are not real but climate change is and Ned Stark is not a real person but Julian Assange is.

Today is the premiere and unfortunately i am not much excited to see the first episode. The previus season really disappoint me and i am expecting more or less the same stupid things to happen in this one too. Sadly all the promotion so far had to do with who is going to die first, second etc and this arena mentality is not appealing to me, i find it really distracting. I guess this is a thing now, seeing also the marvel movies adopting it.



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