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Life is beautiful when adjusted (Motivation)


3 years agoSteemit2 min read

When you are hurt by someone, In hell because of deficiency, Dishonest for not peace while communicating, Underestimated when you are pioneering, Di ignore when you need help, laugh when you fall and cry. How do you feel?

Friend! I am 100% sure in human patience there must be hatred. Nor the human being has a strong sense of patience. For patience there is a limit, When the heart can not hold it anymore. So Emotions are in control of you.

The world is really cruel to humans who can not control and adjust it.

So, Take control of your emotions whatever happens to you. I admit sometimes it hurts and I admit sometimes the disappointment can make you angry. But all that is just "Satanic whisper", Which leads to evil.

Now I feel that way and I can only pour the pain in a work of my Illustration. This is my way of controlling the burning emotions inside me.

My message is, "Seek your busy life and do your Hoby when you feel ragged by hate & pain. Then all will look peaceful again even if only 1 second"

Hopefully my article is useful for all steemians friends.

I am a modest artist, @geonusantara !!
thanking you for your support & suggestions.

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Good morning.


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