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Byteball Use-a-Thon: Freelancing Platform On Byteball


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Repository :-


The project is about providing freelancing platform over Byteball. Where any user can apply for either a job or can look for a job and then register itself by paying a standard amount of fee + Refundable money to take care of spam. The project might use any other database program but it depends on the project current vision or upcoming suggestions. The project will use byteball chat bot features as well as use smart contracts and byteball js library to show the web view of information regarding the platform.

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Why i am interested in Byteball?

You know what came after bit in my mind, It's byte and then we have Byteball, A great unique solution for solutions that will provide solutions to already solved persons. got you!

Well get a little serious now boy: I have an idea that i will try to implement in use-a-thon event. The idea I got while seeing the byteball platform and doing hands on over it, And there are some things i like to discuss first.

Cons of existing freelancing platforms:-

  • Higher fees
  • Low demand (High competion)
  • It's rare that you get a chance to get a work.
  • Payment gateway are harder
  • Fees is abnormally high, They took my 20 % every time for providing platform while getting millions of request every day and even then no discount for fees etc :p.
  • Hard to keep up with clients and vice versa.
  • Too much restriction over chatting platform.
    and the list can go on...
    well there are more and people doing this for many years with no equal distribution.
    So i came up with an idea to make byteball a freelancing platform.

What Byteball provide over these:

  • A smart contract platform for trustless value exchange over two parties.
  • A native chat platform.
  • Easy payments (bytes)
  • Users have access to any 3rd party service to full fill client need
  • The platform is risk free.
  • Decentralized, of course. Managed by amazing witnesses and Byteball team.
  • Funds can be locked until client accepts the work or can apply for a ticket.

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Use Case:

The project will provide end to end service between job seeker and client while someone wants a work to done or wants to learn more, The user have to pay more fee. This project will open new doors over freelancing on decentralized platform wit ha user friendly Byteball client and it's features.

  • Client can manually select freelancer for their job based on their ratings
  • Client can manually select category for their job
  • Client's payment will be locked only only released to a seller if the client actually accepts the work
  • Client can rate their seller.
  • Sellers can file report if they found client cheated and if the report found to be a right then the client lost it's refundable money and sent it to the seller and also the client rating will be dropped.
  • Seller can be shown online or offline to clients , so client can directly send a work request to seller byteball chat client then seller can accept or reject, then sellet can send a fee request to pay to smart contract before starting and the payment will be locked, then they can immediately start working together. IF client accepts the work then the payment will be unblocked and if note then the case is defined above user cheat or if the work is badly done the the seller drop it's rating as well.
  • Ultimate solution for job finders as well as task creators.

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Current Progress:-

I Just created Hello world bot (LOL). First i am working on the bot where user can select for what they want to register over. I didn't get chance to work too much because this platform is new to me hence looks promising to me. Here is a snapshot that my bot replying to me.

2018-09-01 (16).png

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  • Next I have to setup sign up process for users by paying fees+ refundable payment and sign up for sellers by selecting their category and a fee.( in 5-10 days)
  • Then I will try to create a platform to list all the users over web page (5-10 days)
  • Maintaining a database of users with their ratings.
  • Direct chatting between users.

The project is already has been visioned and will scale based on the suggestions i get by the time.

I am also supporting Byteball. (It's a change with updates over old standards)


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