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Byteball Use-a-Thon: 1st Entry Submission Request [Discord Byteball Bot]Completing my First Entry


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Summary :-

As the byteball use-a-thon is moving forward so am i. I am now completing my first entry with all the features that i built till now and for other more advance features i have booked up my calendar and will work over it after Use-A-Thon, For now i am moving to start working on next entry that could be the Voting App with no limitation of byteball account. I would like to give you a quick peak of the discord byteball manager bot. The Discord bot is currently can handle below transactions with Byteball easily.

  • Transfer Bytes without saving WIF

  • Save WIF and then don't need to add wif again and again.

  • Sign with a name by paying 1 mb of byteball fee

  • Send Bytes with a name

  • Send assets with byteball address and asset unit ID

  • Get your account byteball address and attested name

  • Help command also added.

Note: Name attested with this bot are stores inside personal database so cannot be used outside of this bot. Same applies to wif. Because custom user name attestation fee is very small to pay and help to keep maintain the project as well as server, While i am making this opensource so you can host it locally as well if you do not want to pay 1 mb of fee to register name.

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After Use-a-thon Roadmap:-

  • Adding feature to retrieve account info from blockchain and all other type of info.
  • Transfer asset with Username
  • Create assets inside the bot and later use them with a unique custom name.
  • Create polls and make vote on them (Secure polls as well)
  • Transfer Bytes with conversion Rates
    and more as imagined and can be created.

Some of the features talked above are huge as per bot creation with JS and took much time. So i am planning to start with 2nd entry and later on try to complete them.

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Some of the pics of bot :

2018-09-22 (42).png

2018-09-22 (43).png

2018-09-22 (45).png

2018-09-22 (46).png

2018-09-22 (46).png

2018-09-22 (47).png

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2018-09-22 (48).png

Bot Is Live Commands in pm works only!

Byteball JS

Byteball User a thon Announcement

Utopian-io Discord community

Genievot on Github


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