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Danish Flora on Fyn


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egeskov sculpted hedges (2).jpg

Our travels in Denmark next took Allan (@hanedane) and I to the island of Fyn (pronounced foon), east of the main island of Sjælland. The more modern name for the island is Funen; an -en ending means "the."

Purple heart in Odense

Fyn is fairly small; you can drive across the whole island in 45 minutes. Its largest city is Odense which was, of course, the hometown of Hans Christian Andersen.

When we arrived in Odense, they were preparing for a flower festival that, unfortunately, was still a few days out. We were more focused on Andersen anyway, but did snap a few photos of beautiful plants growing in town.

The highlight of Fyn's flora, though, came on our visit to Egeskov Slot, a castle in Kværndrup. I'll be doing a post on Egeskov Slot soon, but here I'd like to share several specimens in the castle's dahlia garden, as well as gorgeous trees and hedges all over the estate.


Flora in Fyn:
Odense and Kværndrup


Some pretty flowers and trees in Odense:

Odense stream.jpg

bug eaters.jpg





Egeskov Slot in Kværndrup

egeskov sculpted hedges (2).jpg

egeskov hedges.jpg



egeskov maze.jpg

egeskov animals.jpg

egeskov color.jpg

egeskov daisies.jpg

egeskov flower.jpg

egeskov tent tree.jpg

egeskov tree lines.jpg


Egeskov Dahlia Garden

egeskov dahlia 10.jpg

egeskov dahlia 12.jpg

egeskov dahlia 1.jpg

egeskov dahlia 2.jpg

egeskov dahlia 3.jpg

egeskov dahlia 5.jpg

egeskov dahlia 6.jpg

egeskov dahlia 7.jpg

egeskov dahlia 8.jpg

egeskov dahlia 13.jpg

egeskov dahlia 14.jpg

egeskov dahlia 15.jpg


Thank you for reading and joining us on our travels! We're Allan and Stephanie... making our way through middle age.

All photos are originals, taken by @hanedane or @geke. (Dividing bars courtesy of

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