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What are Venezuelans oppinions on this video from VOX on Colombia welcoming Venezuelans?


6 months ago2 min read

I've met a ton of awesome Venezuelans during my time on Steem, and even to a certain degree, before that. My heart goes out to them in their continuing crisis. It's a bit hard to get info on what exactly is happening over there though. Often the local and even the global news barely reports on what happens in Venezuela, even when it's monumentally important for those there, and those with loved ones still there. When the news does report on what's happening there, it's almost always slanted and opinionated.

I have my own views on what is happening that I've developed with what little info I can get about the entire situation, but it's very difficult to get a whole picture when it feels like everyone's trying to tell you what to think.

In my continual seeking of information on Venezuela, I decided to click on this video from VOX on the border with Colombia, and how they're supposedly letting Venezuelans in.

It seems like an alright video. It has the usual line of blaming everything on Maduro...which is...a little misleading. I personally fear that even with regime change, it won't change much, as many of the same corrupt officials will just pop up again in 5 or 10 years, after the scapegoat is gone. Basically, the situation is a bit more complex than one person's fault, in my opinion.

However, I doubt that little bit would cause over 2k dislikes. It makes me wonder if I'm missing something crucial in the story that they got wrong.

So, I'm asking, if there are any Venezuelans that happen to see this post, what is your opinion on it? Is there something they got horribly wrong such that you would give them a thumbs down?

I also ask that Venezuelans on here continue to share your stories about what it's like in your country. Tell us your daily life. Tell us the stories of your friends and families. Post as much as you can. Let Steem help you. Let us all be a part of your family, as you are a part of ours.


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