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December 12 2019 - Disco!


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What is this deranged and hairy thing?!

It's just a mirror, a silver Christmas tree at my work and the disco light that I brought to cheer up my customers and myself because it's so dark outside. So for this year's last class in this place, I discofied the place with my disco lights.

I think color photo, in this case, is vital.

Those two were my cheaper versions. Here's the better one that changes color according to the rhythm.

But as you can see, in a space this big, my proper one isn't enough. So that's why I had three! You know, I'm very strongly against not buying anything that you don't need. And all that junk that just doesn't last. Tech that has an expiration date in about a year or two after purchase. So I really hope these disco lights are gonna last for the rest of my life. Because I really needed them! And because even though these are about one year old, I've only used these about five times now. Almost all the places where I work, have big windows and my classes aren't that late at night, so from February to October, there's still too much light (not really but not completely dark) so these lights are almost useless. That's how crappy these are. 😁☀❄⛄

I had a calm balance class...

...And a really sweatty fitness dance class.

On renovation news...

It seems it wasn't impossible to make the cable and wire casing smaller. They just said so after five e-mails. The sixth mail did it. And because I knew how much there were wires, because I live here and walked by at least twice a day, as I suggested what they should do, they used a smaller cable ladder. Not as wide as the previous one. I think they were just trying to get rid of the wide version of the cable ladder they already had for some reason. Well, not today renovation devils, not today. Not on my watch!

I forgot to show you more photos of my #Amaryllis. It was so sad, so sad, all alone, that I invited a white friend to visit. Actually it's here to stay. The red one has a white pet now to adore it.

Everyone should have a white friend to adore them.

I'm white. Who wants to adopt me? I'm usually kind and do not bite that often. Unfortunately I do need gluten free food. But that's easy. Just throw some coffee, milk and fruit at me. And an occasional carrot wrapped in a tenderloin steak. Sirloin will do too, I'm not that picky. Freshly hunted moose or, as it's Christmas time, reindeer will do just fine. 🍌🍎🍏🍇🍉🍐🍑🍒🍓🍍🦄🍴 Couldn't find a reindeer emoji so used a unicorn. That's the same thing, right?

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