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Splinterland Rewards


7 months agoBusy


Well these are the reward cards I got for the just finished season, not much, just one rare card and it's a crazy chicken, now I wonder what I want that for.

I had quit SteemMonsters because I thought it would be too expensive to keep on playing and it took too much time and I still think the same, but on the other hand every day I get a card from the quest and at the end of the season I get a few more cards, of course I doubt if I will ever get above bronze level.

Well I have been adding to my collection for the past month (after I had sold most of the cards I had, Steem which I lost gambling on SteemSlotGames) and according to Peak Monsters my whole collection is now worth a whopping $11.39, so I am not a Splinterlands millionaire yet. But who knows I might just get a gold dragon card that could send my collection's price sky high.


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