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Some Steemit Alternatives


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Steemit was, as far as I know, the first platform to use the alt coin reward system for social media posting, it was a novelty concept a little over three years ago, actually get paid to write and the more votes you could get the more money you could make. Of course this attracted a lot of people looking for fast ways to earn money which were the majority, I include myself here, and then there were the serious writers who saw this as an opportunity to monetize their creations. For most of us it was not as good as it was portrayed but still many of us are more than satisfied we actually got rewarded for mediocre work at the best. So really for me it was and is a win win.

But of course an idea like this had to catch on, and now Steemit is faced with competition from multiple sites that have emulated this idea. Some of them are outright clones with basically just copied features, some have added some new concepts, and then there are those that have come up with completely new ideas.

I, of course, am a curious person. I have joined several of these sites to test the grounds and to see what they were like. So far I know I have joined the following:

A lot right? But these are just a few of the sites that have appeared with more or less the same concept of rewarding for content. Now I haven't really put in that much time in most of these sites as I found it is indeed difficult to work all of them simultaneously. So not meaning to downplay any of them I am now only working on three of them besides Steemit.

I post about daily on Bearshares, mainly because I can actually see my holdings there growing day by day, and on the other two I also try to view at least a few posts on them every day even though I only post a few times a week. Right now in fact I am trying to concentrate my efforts on growing my Uptrennd account as I find it very appealing.

Now the concepts of Uptrennd and Publish0x are quite different from the others, Bearshares is much like a Steemit copy. Uptrennd and Publish0x on the other hand have a lot of differences with other social media and I find them very attractive, especially Uptrennd.

Now Publish0x works like this, you upvote an article and you decide what percentage you want to give to the author and what you want to keep for yourself, you are paid with different tokens like for example BAT, a little for every vote. You post articles and you get votes you get crypto. The concept is cool and you are assured of getting something because every time you vote you get a piece of the action because every vote is worth something and there are no levels that I know of so the playing field is about equal. But actually earning is slow and my articles have never hit it off so I am really earning at a very slow rate but I know there are a lot of people who are getting good dividends on their posts, so yes I would recommend it.

Now Uptrennd is a place where you post an article and you receive points which are worth 1 1Up token each. Here the votes value is determined by the level you are at, for example at level 1 every vote you receive is worth 1 point, at level 2 it is worth 1.1 points, at level 3 it is worth 1.2 points and so on. So there are no real big whales here you get what you have worked for, I am now at level 10 so I am getting 1.9 points per vote.

Now 1Up is right now on and today it has fluctuated between 0.009 and 0.011 cents so the price is low, I have seen it at a little over 0.05 cents so it does have potential and what you have now might just be worth a lot more in the future. I for now am just using points to level up, I guess in the future I will save some of them for cashing some out but that would be maybe next year.

The people on Uptrennd are very helpful and friendly and I find it an agreeable place to work in. This is just a review I am not trying to sign you on, in fact both Uptrennd and Publih0x have a sort of referral program but I am not using any of those links if you want to try them out just go to their websites which are:

I think it is OK and in fact smart to have alternatives, it might just pay off.


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