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Is It Worth it to be Active on Steemit with Steem's price so low?


11 months agoBusy2 min read


Is writing or posting other stuff on Steemit worth it these days, with the price as low as it is? Well first of all it is low but only if you measure it with where it went at the end of last year and how it was priced at the beginning of this year, because last year in March the price went down to about $0.08 and there were people still using the platform and they are still here so I think the price while a significant reason for people not staying here, is not that important a factor for a lot of people, whom I guess are now Steemit regulars.

I have read a lot of articles from Steemit enthusiasts who say that this is the time to get more involved because you actually get more Steem for your work just that it is worth less, I do think this is slightly off because people are voting less so in reality you are getting less Steem than before. But if you are getting about the same votes you were getting before the price slump I think they are right, you get the same Steem you got before only less value in dollars.

For example I usually don't get much votes for my posts I think when I get one whole Steem token for an article I am doing well enough, of course a few months back this article was worth 4, 5 or even 6 dollars, today that same article with the same votes will only get $0.80, but I still get the same 1 Steem.

So in regards to the question I don't see why it isn't worth it to stay active on Steemit as long as you are getting the same or even more votes than before, because all of us I believe are sure that Steem's price will eventually go up, when I can't say, but up it should go, and then whatever Steem we have will go up substantially in price.


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