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HardFork 20 Tomorrow?


9 months agoBusy2 min read


Tomorrow is the day that was set for the implementation of Hardfork 20, it will be September 24, 2018. Many people have their hopes set on this Hardfork expecting it to apart from improving the Steemit experience have a direct impact on the price.

Now, crypto prices have been moving slowly but steadily up for the last day or two, BTC is hovering around $6,700.00 and Steem is at around $0.88, still low but at least it moved up. Now the idea is that Steem will go to the moon with Hardfork 20, I don’t think that will happen but it should still have a healthy pump after the implementation, I am thinking of Steem moving to the $1.50 level.

As for Hardfork 20 I think the following are the aspects that will have the most impact on users, hopefully positive ones. According to what I see the expectations are well founded but unfortunately all the Hardforks I have lived while being on Steemit have failed to live up to what was expected of them that is probably why I don’t expect as much from these changes as most people do, still I think they will improve the platform.

  • Improvements for Account Creation

  • Dust Vote Threshold changes

  • No minimum Power Down restriction

  • Reduce Curation Window to 15 minutes

  • Change from existing Bandwidth system to Resource Credits

There are other changes of course.

Anyway I hope the Hardfork turns out OK and all will be for the good.


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