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The Adventures of Williams Shakespeare On Steemit - A Short Story (1)


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Authors Note

You must have read about Williams Shakespeare, the greatest writer who wrote in the English language. Yes him, the writer of Macbeth, of Romeo and Juliet, of the greatest plays and poems ever written. The same was on Steemit; the same came unto his own but they knew him not. I now write the intriguing account of the days of William Shakespeare on Steemit.....

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One fine morning, William Shakespeare was walking past the great gates of Hades when he overheard two freshmen, men who had just died and arrived the gate of Hades, lamenting about their lost fortune on Steemit.

Both men, having died in a gory motor accident, were Steemians when they were yet alive and kicking. They had left a combined fortune of about $1,000,000 in their Steemit wallets. Now, the monies would be lost forever, for the laptops containing their keys had crashed in the auto crash.

Williams Shakespeare was greatly moved when he heard the sad tales of these fine Steemians. So he asked them to explain to him what needed to be done for STEEM to be acquired. Both men answered him saying, "to write quality posts."

On hearing these words, Shakespeare's eyes brightened. He would go to the earth, sign up for Steemit, write quality posts in few weeks, earn millions of STEEM, and send them to the accounts of the beneficiaries provided by both men.

When the two freshmen had been properly documented in Hades and allotted some rooms, Shakespeare went to his very good friend, the Keeper of the keys of Hades.

The Keeper, an angel who exceedingly loved Shakespeare's works, would not refuse him anything. Therefore, Shakespeare asked for a leave to visit the sons of men for two weeks.

The Keeper granted the difficult request and the journey of Shakespeare to Steemit started.


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