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Just Bought 8.5k Steem Power Delegation From -- My Experience


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Anyone who is familiar with my blog posts will know that, if anything, I am a staunch believer in the Steem blockchain. I have not only talked Steem, I have consistently put my money where my mouth is.

Recently, following the attractiveness of curation post HF21, I have been looking at increasing my Steem Power. And since I presently do not have the financial stamina to buy the desired amount of Steem Power, the best option was to look out for delegation.

Fortunately, I found the post of @exyle wherein he talked about himself leasing some Steem Power from @dlease. He then went further to give some tips on how best to get a decent deal in that fine decentralized market powered by @minnowbooster.

The interesting thing about leasing Steem Power from is not only that it is probably the cheapest you'll get on the Steem blockchain but the process is fully decentralized and user friendly. This is because makes peer to peer delegation purchase and lease possible.
To get a good and competitive lease, it is better that you offer roughly 14% to the prospective lessors. This improves your chances of quickly having your request granted by the lessors. You have to understand that the more lucrative your offer is, the faster you are likely to have your lease delivered.

In my own case, I paid a total of 307 Steem for a SP delegation of 8.5k for 12 weeks. I'm very sure that from my curation activities, I should make not less than 5% return on my investment within the next three months.

Although it took roughly 48 hours to have my delegation request processed, I honestly will like to thank @minnowbooster for the great job that is being done with Dlease. I hope that more offers will come the way of Steemians in the days ahead.

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