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2 months ago

No longer shall you ask whether there is a Go community on Hive!

I have played this game since 2010, and I run (used to run more likely) a local go-club in my town since 2012. Last year I took a hiatus from the club activities, and just as I was about to start being active again, the corona virus pandemia foiled everything.

Well I've been lying idle for so long, and now is the time to turn over a new leaf. So after being inquired about a community here on Hive today, I instantly seized the opportunity, and kicked off Fuseki, the Go community for Hivers!

There is also a Hive group on OGS, in case you were wondering. It was created many moons ago when Hive was still Steem. Today it's a place for Hive Go players to play their games.

This community is for posting game records, tsumegos, reviews and other go-related stories and pictures.

Let's start with a tsumego. It's on the easier side so don't spoil it with correct answers just yet. 😜

Let's have a lot of great games together!


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