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Chinese Style Ratatouille for Lunch


5 months agoSteemit

I asked at home, "What are we going to cook for lunch?" to which I received as an answer "a chinese style ratatouille of course". I didn't know what it was about exactly but I was up for it. This preparation was made by my mom @ladyfont with a bit of help from me. A ratatouille is a dish consisting in stewed vegetables. When my mom mentioned preparing this recipe with a chinese style is because we used some chinese common preparations and flavoring ingretiends like the soy sauce with mushrooms in it.

This ratatouille contains mainly eggplants and succini. It also has carrots, bell pepper, chili, onions and tomatoes. It was accompanied with rice, sweet plantains, and meatballs. I share with you the recipe post that @ladyfont made of this dish [in spanish].



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