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Illustrated Hamparte


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     Today, dear friends, we are going to talk about one of the most common terrors of the 21st century, we can find it in expensive galleries of art, in small artistic exhibitions, in schools specialized in arts, among others, those that cause this evil are people who many times after having previous art studies they decide to "sell" their "art" to sell, understand by "art" a red point on a white background, a bottle of water, as wanted by the renowned Yoko ono, who for some time is dedicated to the arts, this terror has a name and is called "Hamparte".


And many of you will wonder what I'm talking about and you'll be thinking ...:


     In fact there can be more art in a graffiti painted on a wall of a dangerous neighborhood than an exclusive museum, obviously this is not the case all the time, but it is something quite common that has existed since always but for many has passed unnoticed and others have not known how to call this rarity of society.

     you could say that everything that is not Art is Hamparte, although the background of the term is much more complex and profound, it is said that the hamparte is simply the art of not having talent, it is important to say that the hamparte is not only made by those people who lack talent if not, that can also be done by a very boring art teacher of his life, who one day decides simply not to improve the quality of his art and refuses to grow in the middle, creating a monotonous style and boring.

But ... where does the term "hamparte" come from?

      simple, hamparte is composed of two words in Spanish: Hampa and arte (art), well, we break down both terms, here below.


     Group of criminals, especially those organized in the bands and with the particular rules of conduct, or also a group of people who live marginally committing criminal actions on a regular basis.


      "Art" in English as many of you will know but let's give a brief concept: Expressive productions that seek to represent, through media such as painting, sculpture, architecture, literature or music, different Realities, awakening ideas, emotions or feelings.


      It can be said then that it is a "trash" artistic style where the marginality of pre-design work, if that work exists, to better exemplify this boom, I illustrated a beer originating in my country placed in the foreground in works of famous people. Artists and a girl who is seen doing photographs to the beer, which gives more importance to a simple beer bottle than to the paintings behind it, since for her the bottle is a kind of conceptual art.




      Having already understood a little about what is the hamparte we can continue with its origin ... where did this term originate?

      The origin of the term should be sought in the Youtube community and, more specifically, in the channel of Antonio García Villarán, a plastic artist with a long and recognized career, in which he highlights his interest in teaching and his concern for the field of The Theory of Art Proof of this are his articles of artistic thought and some of his books. But, perhaps, the phenomenon or revolution hampartista would not be understood without the repercussion of its Youtube channel.

      The cataloging of Hamparte was born in a social-historical context in which the ascending elitism or artistic snobbery of the upper social classes, insists on elevating certain works and artists to the highest platforms of the artistic market, moving away from the purely aesthetic plane, to benefit of other more ethereal or abstract aspects, regardless of whether an art has greater effort or in fact lacks effort.


      Let's see, as we should all know, art is subjective, but how subjective can art be? An artist forges knowledge in his or her area, be it the plastic or digital area, handling currents such as romanticism, impressionism or other , but the artist is always in constant growth and it is sad to see how people pay millions for a painting that lacks knowledge, narrative and that is for example a circle on a white background as I said before.



     Hey! Do not be fooled, not everything is art! It's a lie! Not because a recognized artist wants to sell you a broken sock with the pretext that it is "postmodern art", you must praise it, much less buy it, it is not postmodern art and simply went to look for it. The laundry basket to see what he has. As many know, the more popularity an artist has, the more interest there is in what he does and the more possibilities there are that everything he does will be bought almost instantaneously, which is not good at all, as there are many well-known artists who Seeing that their popularity and profits are increasing, they are losing interest in doing interesting works or in maintaining their quality of work, while there are other artists with great talent and little recognition everywhere, even doing urban art, do you have an artist friend with little recognition? Be part of its growth, supporting it, it is always good to see a new talent wanting to undertake!


     A moment friends, I do not want you to think that I create a great art critic, I am not, I just want to create a bit of awareness with this post, so you know that if you see a lot of lines on a canvas inside a museum, This is not necessarily art, art goes further, the transmission of feelings, artistic concepts and the personality that you give to your work.



     Hahaha, yes friends, the hampartistas exist, millions of works that do not have much effort in their preparation are sold daily, most of the time to eccentric millionaires, who seek to fill their halls with large and "unique" collections, I totally agreement with art is relative but I also agree that these millionaires can invest in more elaborate works by someone who paints portraits and works on the street, who despite having a huge talent does not make much money and often invests more money of what he earns for his love of art, the term to be a great artist is not always easy, often it is full of obstacles, but it is gratifying to achieve success by doing what we really love!


     Keep in mind that we all have the right to appreciate and admire the art we want, I just want to make known the term of "hamparte" so that more people know how to identify it and know what it is and at the same time people do not feel forced to feel admiration or the need to spend their money just because they saw a work by a renowned artist.





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