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Haveyoubeenhere 2019 Steemitworldmap Travel Contest - 4 Romania's Must See Places!


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It's been a while since I participated into a writing contest over here, other than just competing with different pictures posted in the comments, but thanks to @livinguktaiwan which made me aware of this contest I get the chance to promote once again 4 places that I've already written about but which deserve to be visited by more tourists.


The awesome guys behind @SteemitWorldmap organised this contest as a thank you for all the things we all shared together the year that had come to an end. Even though I read about the contest since it was posted and I wanted to join it right away, during the holidays we get crazy with all the things that need to be done so, unfortunately, I almost forgot about it. Huge thanks to @martibis, @choogirl, @livinguktaiwan, @lizanomadsoul and @itchyfeetdonica who are challenging us through their contest!

It was really hard to resume myself to just 4 favourite places since I've visited hundreds of places and didn't even had time to write about all of them, but these who were picked, have a special story behind it, so let's (re)discover them together! :)

Canionul Tamina (Tamina Canyon)

Tamina Canyon is well known as the beauty hidden within the mountains but which somehow gets very little visitors due to being located in a place with lots of touristic attractions from which people have to pick, but also because it's not too accessible for anyone who wishes to enter the canyon.
This place is located very close to Canionul 7 Scări (7 Stairs Canyon) which basically is the main competitor in that area gathering over 6000 visitors every weekend, but the difference between these two is that Tamina Canyon is not as safe as the other one, and in plus, this one comes with 5 successive waterfalls instead of 7.
Anyway, what made me want to pick Tamina instead of 7 Stairs Canyon, was that I try to avoid overpopulated places because when I get into the mountains or any wild location, I want to stress-free and nature's silence be the single thing I can hear.
It's also a nice feeling that there are still places that haven't been touched by people for way so many times, which makes them not be for any tourist. And I felt so damn honoured to be one of those who are able to discover it.
The canyon is made out of 5 successive waterfalls which are flowing on the stone walls that you need to climb on different improvised stairs from either wood or iron but which feed you with adrenaline when you see all that water flowing on sides or even under your feet.


The reason I picked this location, is that through this adventure I learned how important is to have a good connection with the people you travel with and the adrenaline made me feel alive and gather more trust in myself and what I am able to discover.

Lacul Iezer (The Iezer Lake)

The Iezer Lake is just one of the many unforgettable touristic attractions from the Rodnei Mountains which measurers a depth of 2,5m.
The glacial lake is located on an altitude of 1.825m which is very close to Pietrosul Mare Peak from where you can see properly its shape and notice something unique but also get a view over Ukraine.
Earning its place on the UNESCO list, The Iezer Lake rewards every tourist with its beauty and difficult paths that lead on there, but also through its shape which is not random, but exactly Romania's shape.
If you get to visit this place while it's foggy, no doubt the landscapes are going to leave you speechless, but if it's sunny outside, you get to see a tiny city from where your journey starts which even though is a poor village, the hearts of those people are so big and rich that will change your perspective of life in a few moments.


The reason I picked this location, is because it was my first long hike through heavy rain and made me realize that nor bad weather or difficult tracks are able to stop me from reaching a place that represents my country through its unique shape. This actually offered me spectacular phenomenons created by nature and its powers.

Vulcanul Racoș (Racoș Volcano)

Racoș Volcano is the one that registered the last volcanic activities for Romania for even 1 million years ago, but which turned into a real treasure for both locators and the people who get to discover it.
Racoș not only that used to turn everything in ashes in just a matter of time, but actually became the main source of building new houses right after its activity stopped because as soon as the chaos came to an end, people from Transylvania started using the pumice and tuff for renovating citadels, castles, or even building new home places from 0.
And just as another proof that nature has the power to take care of everything in our lives, Racoș Volcano created basalt columns through its lava on just a few meters away that has also been used for building different constructions, but also a lake with colour of emerald that lightens everyone's sight once it's being discovered. The whole place is known nowadays as The World of Mars.


The reason I picked this location is that the place itself represents a true natural treasure Romania where we can learn more about the history of our country, how people used to live thousands of years ago, but also learn more about the variety of plants and rocks on that area which is uncommon from everything seen before.

Delta Văcărești (Văcărești Natural Park)

And just like another lesson we all have to learn about nature, is that every single time is going to be the one that wins, no matter how we are trying to destroy it.
The park that nowadays represents a true oasis of silence where people who live in the capital of Romania can consider the best gateway to stay away from crowded places and traffic noise is a failed plan during communism when the president of those times left homeless hundreds of people just for his own interests, but which turned out to be nothing else but a wrong decision.
Văcărești Natural Park, also known as Danube between the blocks or The capital's Danube, became home for hundreds of birds, unique plants and rare animals that are not easy to be found in any other place due to the perfect humidity the park has. This one also is made out of many swamps that are taking care of reptiles or uncommon species of plants.


The reason I picked this location is that being a nature lover and a peaceful human being, it was really hard to live for 3 years in such a crowded and noisy city. And discovering this gem was like what I needed and searched for, to refresh my mind and get (re)connected with nature every time I wouldn't be able to travel away.


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