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Brand New!! THE SHITCOIN SONG PART II (SoundCloud + Lyrics)


7 months agoSteemit2 min read

The coins look red in the valley tonight
not a living soul to see
A Monarchy of traders
and they All look dead to me
Then Windows freezes up again, as I just had clicked refresh,
Can not keep this song inside so I do what I do best.

Dont let them win dont let them see
Buy the BOTTOM, shut up, and be free
Exchange/Exchange, Bring it on!
Course here we come!

Let us GO, Let us GO!
Fill the bags down below
Let us GO, Let us GO!
These Merkle Trees will GROW
I dont care what the Losers say
Let the bulls ride ON!
The Moon Never Bothered me anyway!

Its funny how the price before all look pretty small
And the fears of missing out cant get to me at all
Its time to see what I can do
Set some targets up there and break through
a little down a little up,

Let us GO, Let us GO!
Cannt hold us back anymore
Let us GO, Let us GO!
These shitcoin bags will grow!
I dont care what Outsiders say
Let them buy the TOP!

My SteemPower flurries throug 5000s of acccounts
My Soul is spiraling from EOS fractals all around
And one thought crystalizes like an icy mask!
Im never going back, we are setting all time highs!

Let us go, let us go!
And we will rise like Steem Monsters Cards
Let us go, let us go
That Steempower is too low!
Here we stand and it is time to buy!
Let the bull ride come!
Buying Cheap never bothered me anyway!

Please give me as much feedback below as you can!

Sincerely, @fyrstikken (Me, Content Creator and Steem Investor), @fyrst-witness (Need more votes right now), @booster (will be up again in 4 days) and @speedvoter (Need a new strategy). I will release a music video later, and If you like this song, make me know it in comments. I did the best I could to entertain you all, I hope I nailed it!


Here is THE SHITCOIN SONG PART I if you are a new fan!

Thank you! (Bowing to the audience, leaving the stage)


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