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Futureshock & Steem : The future is yours!


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We have definitely taken strides in blockchain technologies in the past few years, and all of that will soon become a giant leap for everyone!

Why “Futureshock”?

In the year 1970, the term “future shock” was defined by two futurists, Alvin and Heidi Toffler as a state of certain psychological state of individuals and the entire societies. A short explanation of the concept, in their own words, is: “too much change in too short a period of time”. This especially affects those born before 80-90’s, because of the digital revolution that happened within their lifetime, changing how they lived day by day. A revolution from an industrial society to a "super-industrial society". This change overwhelmed people, leaving them disconnected and suffering from "shattering stress and disorientation"—future shocked.

What about the next generations?

Once people were future shocked, and went through a revolution passing from an industrial society to a super industrial society. We are aware that a sort of “virus” is being spread that it will cause another future shock. That is represented by the technology of Blockchain. The Digitalization and Tokenization of everything, with the main aim bringing about decentralization through the blockchain. At this moment, all around the world, countless projects are being finalized that use the blockchain and the technologies it has brought about, without knowing truly what the future will bring, but definitely a revolution with a lot of changes is coming. We are a part of that change. We are creating that change!

What is Futureshock?

Futureshock is an Incubator with awesome, multi-skilled members from all over the world. Experience and an intelligent approach to situations is their defining characteristic. Members of Futureshock work for projects on the blockchain, enabling a giant leap for everyone, and a revolution on many sectors. We bet that in the future, you will be greatly shocked by the changes that our Incubator and team members are working toward.


Our Mission & Vision

The Futureshock Incubator, with its talented members, brings futuristic ideas to fruition, by looking towards tomorrow and hacking the reality, grabbing ideas to work on, co-founding and growing them into projects, from concept to the first line of code, to a company and to a brand. Our heart is set on true progress, and making a great impact on your future life. This is how we will achieve our vision, of realizing a futuristic ideology that will be impactful on our future.

Presenting Products

Futureshock Incubator was found in February 2018. Since then the team has dedicated itself to work on futuristic projects, and its continuing the hard work, to make the future better and to add value to the ecosystem of Steem blockchain.

Active Futuristic Projects:

fndaz.jpg (Launched on 2nd Quarter 2018)
Fundition is the first decentralized crowdfunding and collaboration platform built on Steem Blockchain. The main idea behind Fundition is to connect Backers and Founders, and exclude the intermediaries. So the backers can donate with main cryptocurrencies, Steem/SBD, by using steemconnect, or they can upvote on the Steem Blockchain to the updates of the projects by Founders. Moreover the whole procedure is made without spending any fee, not even a fraction of a percentage, because Fundition does not take any fee.

See the details on and follow our blog @fundition

What we plan to activate?

steemstemaea.jpg (4th Quarter 2018) (@steemstem) is an open source web application which aim to offer a space where both STEM professionals and passionate bloggers can freely distribute their knowledge in a social media environment that actively promotes and rewards them. With one long-term goal being to incentivise the direct communication between experts and interested viewers; helping to reduce the number of inaccuracies in reporting of STEM content, generated by journalists' interpretations of data, that are so prevalent today.

teelkeeadz.jpg (3rd Quarter 2019)
Teelkee is the next-generation, decentralized Dapp builder platform on the Steem Blockchain. Or the first CMS ( Content Management System ) that will work on top of the Steem Blockchain.

fctit.jpg (4th Quarter 2019)
FactIt is a decentralized platform dedicated to debate,verify or deny facts in a collaborative way. Built on the powerful Steem Blockchain, FactIt is the first immutable platform allowing to check the veracity of a fact by sourcing and gathering many types of information.

(Alpha Stage - No preview) (2nd Quarter 2020)
Dedicated to gaming, Ongame is a gaming platform which combines the power of the largest social Blockchain, Steem, and the largest gaming platform Steam. Players, testers, game creators, and many others will have a new way to monetize their content and interact with their network/friends.

Are you looking for job position?

We are looking for Developers that know how Steem Blockchain works, to continue with our projects as mentioned above.
You can send us your resume at our email - [email protected]

Thank you for your time,
The Futureshock Team!


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