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A Buck Is A Dollar and A Buck Is Not A Dollar

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A Buck

I hear my Dad said one time that he had a buck in his wallet.

That can't be possible. There's no wallet big enough for a buck.


Here's a handsome buck we caught on the game camera.

We finally got the memory cards off the game camera and can't wait to see all the pictures. I'm going to share a few we caught. Mostly we see just leaves and the woods because it's been windy.

That's a big buck.


We had temperatures in the hundreds and at this time in July, it was 95 degrees F. As you can see, the buck is in the shade and it's antlers are growing.

That's a buck. I know that it's a boy deer and maybe this is the daddy deer. We had baby deers (you also call it fawns) every year and we only saw the mommy deer (doe) with them.

This is the first time I saw a buck with antlers at our homestead.

Daddy knew we have a buck around here because the first year we planted peaches, apples and apricots, the buck mangled the young trees with his antlers.


Here he is again.

Funny I can't see a tail. And all the time we were looking at the pictures, his ears were perked up.

The other buck

A buck is a dollar. Yes, 1 dollar is also called a buck. So I can say,

I get five bucks for taking the trash out.

Mom uses DuckDuckGo. We searched it and look what came up

How did they start using buck for currency?


This is just from one source so you might need to find another one and see if it's similar.

When people were trading with the Native Americans, there was no paper money. Money for the Native Americans was buck skins.

So when someone wants to sell to the Native Americans in exchange for buck skins, they started saying "bucks". And it's bucks because it can be multiple deer skins for something else.

Pretty cool right?


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