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Vlog #155: Climbing on top of the mountains on Crete island - Part 1!


5 months agoSteemit

Hey dear Dtubers and Steemians,

last week I decided to climb up the mountains here on Crete island to the highest point to enjoy the amazing view and to record nice nature Vlogs. It was a long trip to reach one of the highest spots of the mountains and I made a little documentation of my mountain climbing trip.

This is the first part of this documentation Vlogs and in this video I started to climb up the mountains. I started the trip after a nice breakfast with Ada, her twin sister Ornella and Ornella´s boyfriend Nino in the The Home restaurant at the Agia Pelagia Beach.

Then I went back to our apartment and prepared for the mountain climbing trip. In my video I said that I think that it will only take like 20 minutes to climb to the top of the mountains, but I needed around 3 hours with some breaks. xD

Enjoy the nice views from the mountains of Crete island with me and stay tuned for the next part of this little documentation!

Jonas - @future24

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