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What is a catchy title? Read and find out!


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You got to love Sundays. They are so peaceful and much slower than other days, ideal for learning something new and spending time on fundition supporting your favorite projects. For those of you who are thinking about creating the project of your own, we have another educational post that will help. Today, we will talk about how to make your titles catchy, interesting, and appealing to your future investors.

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A good title and a good first image are hooks to bring readers to your project. Readers becoming Supporters and/or Backers depends on your project but they have to read it first. If you have a catchy title, more people will read it and you will have bigger chances of achieving the amounts needed goal. Are you ready to learn how to create a catchy title? Here we go!

Question words are trigger words. To persuade or enable someone to read your text, either use these words or numbers (more about them later) but try not to use them together. Curiosity drives most of us and fundamentals that spark that curiosity are question words. People will want to discover more about your project if the title is like this one of our post What is a catchy title?, most people will read this post simply because they want to know the answer to that question.

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Every question word offers a significant answer to a common question or problem a person may have. What offers discovery so when a person reads a title What can you do to save our oceans?, she will click and try to find out. Which offers specificity and When makes it situational, but the best question word is most definitely WHY. This word carries a promise of clarity and creates a certain curiosity gap. If you want to challenge your readers even more, try using the word why together with the word really like for example: Why are oceans really important?.

Marketing experts know that they are never selling products, they are always selling the emotions that those products will provoke. Have that in mind when creating the title for your project and use emotional trigger words, descriptive adjectives that will explain your projects and how serious it is. For example: Effortless Painstaking, Fun, Free, Incredible, Essential, Absolute, Strange. The best words that we would suggest are: AMAZING, EXCLUSIVE, and NEW. They will bring you the biggest audience.

Numbers are the biggest triggers, always have been and the reason behind it is pretty simple and psychological, people love lists. Numbers are quantifiable, offer variety, and establish value in the same way as currency does. The thing to be careful about is not to use too big numbers, 5 is good, 3 is better, 10 works, do not overdo it. Try to remember that we all remember 3 to 5 things. Numbers will give your readers concrete takeaways and catch their attention. You can write something like 3 ways you can impact the future of oceans or for this post 3 ways to create a catchy title.

You didn't think that we were going to end this post without giving you the secret magical formula, did you? What kind of special little helpers would we be if we did not share our wisdom? Here it is, are you ready for it?

Number/Trigger word + Adjective + Keyword + Promise

Ok, start with either number or a trigger word, add an adjective, then a keyword and end with a premise. We will give you two examples, one for the oceans and one for this post that you are reading. Try to find your inspiration from them. Here they are:

5 Incredibly easy ways You can help oceans thrive
3 Amazing tips for a catchy project title

We wish you all the best with your projects and with your titles. Have in mind that you need to spark the readers curiosity and trigger their emotions. Take your time and do not rush things. A good catchy title will bring you more than you realize, it will bring you readers and those readers may become donators. Good luck!

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