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Hi friends,

We need help!
نحن بحاجة الى مساعدة
nous avons besoin de votre aide
wir brauchen Hilfe
χρειαζόμαστε βοήθεια
हमें मदद चाहिए
kami butuh bantuan
abbiamo bisogno di aiuto
도움이 필요해
Нам нужна помощь
yardımınza ihtiyacımız var
chúng tôi cần giúp đỡ
avem nevoie de ajutor

What is the Ambassador Program?

Since Fundition has already become a global movement, we have been thinking about how we could better support our fellow Funditians. Because we, on the team, only speak a handful of languages (can you guess which ones), we are reaching out for your help!

The Ambassador program will consist of representatives for each country or language, worldwide. Our hope is that these representatives can translate both directions and help us help more people make change!

What We Need

We believe that Fundition is growing and is on the right path, thanks to help, suggestions and feedback from fellow Funditians. However, there is much left to do, and this is why we need YOU to be part of the Ambassador Team.

Here is what we are looking for! Let us know if this sounds like you. We believe a great Ambassador will:

  • Do their best to promote Fundition among those speaking your language, and/or stemming from your country
  • Work on helping to translate parts of the website, messages, or other materials
  • Help (with our assistance) to guide people in the creation of projects
  • Help to answer and/or translate questions they may not understand
  • Initiate great Fundition projects

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, please join our Discord, and contact us through “become-ambassador” text chat. Let’s make a better World Together !

Join Fundition / a community with heart-based giving at its core.

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