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The right mindset for stress


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It was common in the past for most people to avoid stress and try their very best to be stress free.

The fact is the more you try to avoid stress, the harder it is not to feel stress.

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Stress is a natural reaction of our body to perform due to the circumstances around us.

This short article will discuss about how we can view stress as a positive drive rather than something bad.

What is stress?

Stress enables our body to be prepared for a challenge or danger. There are physical and psychological symptoms that make our heartbeat goes faster with faster breathing.

Stress hormones get activated that has the mechanism commonly known as ‘fight-or-flight’ in educational psychology. Our muscles may become tense with our blood pressure and pulse rate increase significantly.

The below videoclip gives a brief information about stress.

Failed attempts to stop stress

I believe many of us have try to calm ourselves during stressful times like coping with coming assessments or deadlines.

The more we try to stop stress or calm ourselves, the more stress we may have.

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Since stress usually starts with our feeling, we cannot stop human nature from taking place.

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Instead of trying to stop stress, we should simply view stress as our helper to cope with the immediate task to handle more effectively.

Stress does boost our energy drive to complete our immediate and urgent task.

Change our mindset for stress

Recent research indicates that stress is harmful to our bodies when we view it negatively as harmful.

When we decide to view it as a helpful mechanism that help us to manage our tasks more effectively, it becomes helpful with benefits to our bodies.

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The below videoclip shares about how stress can benefit us physically when we view it with the right mindset.

One interesting fact that I learn from the above videoclip is that stress actually indicates to our bodies the need for social interaction.

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The more social interaction that we have, the better it is for us. By helping others to cope with their stress, we are also getting more resilient to stress.

In conclusion

We need to change our mindset about stress and forget about some outdated theories about stress being harmful.

The fact is stress becomes harm when we view it as harmful.

Stress becomes beneficial when we view it as something good to have.

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Stress is also a good indicator for the need for social interaction.

We should not bottle up our stress but we should seek and find suitable friends to talk to.

When we help others with stress through listening and talking to them, we are also helping ourselves with stress.

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