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Steemmonsters season update and having a look at the new upgrade policy of the untamed cards!


4 months agoBusy3 min read

My steemmonsters season is going according to plan. I guess I didn't play enough in the early days of the season, which makes it hard now to reach my goal. My strecth goal is already consider out of reach.

With 2 days left in the season, I finally broke open the door to Diamond III. And it was a hard and tough route to Diamond. Every season seems to get harder and harder!
Today the daily quest had to be battled out with the Death splinter, which is one of my favorite elements. I do like to play Death vs players with a lot of Magic power. Having 2 tanks with reflect and lot of archer to attack them from the back.

So it was a pretty easy quest but the rewards were great!
2 Legendary cards in one daily reward has never happened before to me!
Behind the unturned cards a Ruler of the Seas and a Fallen Specter is hidden.
The fallen Specter is now at level 2 and it is already my 12th Ruler of the Seas. so enough to be able to upgrade him to level 4, but before I will do this, I would need to invest around 234 steem to upgrade my Alric to level 7. Probably not going to happen!

The untamed cards

@steemmonsters are revealing more an more untamed cards. For the one who are playing a close attention to the upgrading paths, one can see some differences.

Let's take a look at the common cards.
In the Beta version one does need 505 cards to have it maxed out at level 10. In the untamed version only 400 cards are needed. But don't be fooled. In the Beta version one does only need 52 cards to get it to level 6, while in the untamed deck you would need a whopping 100 to reach the same level. This why I do expect that altough much more untamed cards will be printed compared to the beta cards, they will slightly be more expensive.

When comparing the rare cards, the same amount of cards is needed to max out. But in the Beta version only 21 cards are needed to reach level 5, while in the untamed version 34 cards are needed!

So this changes are good and aren't. When you are already at a higher level, less cards are needed to reach the next level, but it will take a lot more card to get to the higher level!

Printing reward cards

Also some reward cards are reaching their printing limit. The Pirate Archer, Naga Fire Wizard and the so much beloved Sacred Unicorn are reaching their limit.
I do hope that this will increase the value of those cards, because I do have plenty of them!

Curious if I will reach the desired goal, which is Diamond II. Today I will also buy my last 2 Beta packs. From that moment on I will focus on the Untamed and maybe promotion packs!

The value of my collection.

The trend is still upwards. Regardless of the value of Steem, most cards seems to stick on the $ value, which is just great!



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