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SBC League: Betting report January 2019

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9 months agoBusy2 min read

January is a few days behind us now, so it is time to write my betting report for the month of January 2019.
December 2019 did end with a small profit and I was really keen to add another green month to it! The betting report consists of 2 parts. The published bets for the SBC league and the non published ones.


Well the first conclusion is that a lot of time was spend on Scorumbet, this of course had a result that I did have less time tp spend on fiat betting!
I did place 28 bets in the month of January. 19 bets were published, 9 were not published! This is 10 bets less than in December 2019.
Only 8 bets were won, which is a hit rate of only 28,57% and 5% less than last month.
But the most important thing the ROI was positive with 26,51%.


As you can see a profit was made both on the published and non published bets. But the live bets more or less saved the day.


Here is the complete overview!

7 days were losing ones in contrast to only 5 winning days. On the best day I did made a profit of 10,75 euro, on the worst day I made a loss of 4 euro.

Odds, it is all about the odds

Well maybe it is interesting to have a look at the odds played in the past month!

The most profit was made in the odds range between 2 and 2.2 And that from only 3 bets. This is were live betting comes in handy if the favorite is getting behind early in the game.
It also shows that it is hard to make a profit in the range of odds below 1.7!
This is an interesting exercise which every serious sports bettor should be doing for itself. Know where your leaks are and try to solve them!

Entry for the SBC league

January, 2019195140225,826,36%
December, 20183812260386,1816,26%
November, 2018381127039-15,31-39,26%
October, 20189728645100,5-20,31-20,21%
September, 2018892661297-31,512-32,49%
August, 2018522121106016,2727,12%
July, 2018221471228,33337,88%
June, 2018481925448-2,14-04,46%


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