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Am I reaching my steemit goals?


8 months agoBusy5 min read

It was 23 days ago that I did share the progress of my Steem account! So, it is time to look back at the past 23 days!

Steem Power

In the last post I did have 531.214 own SP, now at the moment of writing I do have 586.793 own SP. That is an increase of a little bit more than 55.5 SP.


The black line is the trend line, the blue line is the goal I do want to reach and the red line is my current progress.
As you can see I am running a little bit ahead. Normally I should have around 541. This is based on an increase of 13 SP per week. But in the last 3 weeks I over performed with 14.7 SP, 15.4 SP and last week even 20.213 SP. In the past 23 days the increase was 10%. So way above the inflation rate!

While it is getting harder to get a posting value above the $ the SP increase seems steady! But as human as I am I also look at the posting value expressed in $, strange cause I do know that it means shit!
Steem has a value of $0.69. This means that all upvotes value did lose a third of their value!

Don't be fooled and don't look at the posting value in $. Try to see it as just a representation of vests, because this is what counts.

My investment in @steembasicincome and @upvoteshares were good investments. SBI did upvote 30 of the 31 posts I did write with a total upvote value of $6.81. @upvoteshares did upvote 22 posts with a total upvote value of $1.51!
@investorsclub is also active again and did reward me with upvotes of $1.43!
Also the free upvotes from are still worth it with $6.19! @hr1 did only stop by twice and donated $0.13!
All these things do add up!

The increase could have been more, but I am building up some liquid steem. The reason for this is that I do need it each week to sponsor a contest and that round 4 of the upvoteshares program will open up pretty soon. I did receive 2 more of these, so I do need to have the steem ready!


In the last post, steem-ua wasn't even official so I only looked at the reputation of the steem blockchain!
This grew in the past 23 days from 57.438 towards 58.07! This does rank me at place 7900. This rank hasn't much value but I did look it up to compare it with steem-ua!

My steem-ua rank is 3.217 which does place my on spot number 8232. So both are for my account pretty much in line! I will write something more about steem-ua later in my post!


Well I did my first ever delegation. I did start out with a delegation of 50SP to @steem-ua. But after looking at the 2 first upvote they gave me, I decided to increase the delegation to 100SP. I am thinking about even increasing it to 250 SP, but that would crush my upvote value!
Steem-ua is a 2 side cutting knife as I do see it! If lots of people within your community are delegation to it, you are less or more also forced to do the same. Why? It is simple everybody who does delegate will have a decrease in upvote value, so that means that the upvotes your post receive will have less value, forcing you to also delegate to cover some of these losses.

Let me be straight I do believe in steem-ua. I was first undecided about it, but it looks really promising.
In the past 10 days (since the first delegation) I did receive 4 upvotes from them with a total value of $1.25, which does place it at spot 11 in my contributor ranking since my last update!
To bad, that it has the cost that other people will feel this too, because my upvote value did decrease a little bit!


Pff, it is really hard to be engaged on Steem. There are multiple reasons for this.

  • the football season of the kids is going on in full force again;
  • the number of interesting posts in my feed in down, and I only place genuine comments;
  • I am also active on Scorum, which of course also consumes some time;
  • I just can't find the energy to find new people to add to my follow list.

In the last 3 weeks I did write only 314 comments and posts. This used to be around 460 for 3 weeks.
So I will try to change this, it is long time overdue that I have been listed in the engagement league of @abh12345, which I do still sponsor!
I will try to add 25 new steemians to my list and will go over my follow list again and unfollow the ones which didn't post in the last 3 months!

What do you think about steem these days?

Will have HF20 which is coming nearer have an impact?
Are you still engaged?
What do you think about steem-ua?


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