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#ULOG 878 - Weekly Thoughts - 05-11 Nov 19 - Homesteading This Week...


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Good Morning, Steemians! :D

Our week started out with grass showing and cooler temperatures on Monday and Tuesday, which most of our pack enjoyed. :D

I love this picture of our pretty piglet Mittens; she loves to stick her face right into the feed dish; it looks like she’s wearing a facial mask, LOL. :D

I got to spend Tuesday afternoon playing Queens and Dirty Dozen with our friend Ken and Brenda, Janet couldn’t make it, so we had to all fight it out on our own. :D Ken kicked his wife Brenda’s and my butts at Queens, but I won when we played Dirty Dozen. :D

We woke up to a skim of ice on the pond, cooler temperatures, grey/blue sky and sunshine on Wednesday. :D

Our piglets used me as their personal napkin while I was mucking out their stall. :D

The herd cleaning up their last round bale on Wednesday. :D

Red and the ladies enjoying their last day outside for the year, the temperatures are getting too cool for them to stay outside. :D

Thursday the snow started but Buddy didn’t seem to notice. :D

Our lovely grand-puppy Lady and her handsome brother Shadow checking out the snow. :D

It was grey, but also nice and warm Thursday after the snow came, went wild, and calmed back down to small flakes again. :D It was the perfect type of snow, wet, fluffy, and easy to pack into a ball for a snowball fight with my handsome husband, which we had after we did the chores. :D

It snowed all day Thursday and through Friday. :D The herd wasn’t very impressed with me leaving them out in the snow all day Friday, but they are all too big for me to be in a confined space with them now, they forget that I’m delicate and can’t really handle a hip check from them. :D They were very happy to see my handsome husband at supper time; they knew that meant they get to go into the barn. :D

I’m still not a fan and I would have been more than happy to not see any of it this year at all, but the fresh snow is pretty to look at. :D

Our dapper puppy dad Dakota wanted to go for a run through the woods and wasn’t happy with me when I told him no, can you tell by the look on his face? :D Poor Dakota, that look made me feel like an ogre, LOL. :D

I think the herd was as happy to see the sunshine on Saturday as we were. :D

We’ve had some lovely sunrises and gorgeous sunsets throughout the week too. :D This is one of the pictures I took of part of our sunset on Saturday. :D

Well that was our week here. How is/was yours? I hope you have had an awesome week! :D

Anyone else interested in a badge like this? Contact @daddykirbs for a custom badge of your own. :D Thank you to @zainenn for the GHSC footer as well. :D
(All photos taken by me or for me by my handsome husband on my Huawei P30 Lite.)


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