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Fried Apple - Fried Pies


25 days ago2 min read

For most of my life I have been an absolute sugar junkie. It was my entire childhood. It went with me well into adult hood, as you can tell. No days things are different. My lovely bride Stacie D (@freedomtowrite) makes most of my sweeties. She makes sure that we keep them plant based, and as simple as possible. Every now and then we will have something from the store, but that isn't too often.

Lately, we have been experimenting with something new. Fried pies. God bless fried pies. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, they are folded pockets of happiness that are fried in oil. In this case we stuffed them with fried apples.

I started the apples pretty easily. It was a whole bag of granny smith apples, peeled and cut into small pieces. I added sugar, brown sugar, molasses, vanilla, cinnamon, and a pinch of salt. I slow cook them on a low/medium until they got soft and cooked all the way through. That's when I added just a touch of corn starch to thicken up the sauce. I hate when I bite into a pie and it is super runny and runs out the side.

Stacie D makes her own homemade dough for this. She found a nice recipe and then changed it to fit out eating style. We may have to ask her for more details on the down. I do know that it used warm almond milk instead of iced water. So instead of a flaky crust it creates a chewy one.

After she gets the pies all shaped and filled, that's when I start frying. I have a deep cast iron pot that I put the oil in. It let's there be enough oil to turn the pies without them resting on the bottom. That way they cook evenly and don't turn black.

I love how these turned out a nice dark golden. They were perfectly and were chewy and delicious. I didn't get a chance to take a picture of the insides. She made 23 of those little guys, and they are all gone!

I do love some amazing food. I hope you are all enjoying our adventure!




Be well
~The Yeti

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