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The power of shared incentives - Presenting the Steem Business Alliance at the Global Block Builders conference


4 months agoSteemit3 min read

What happens when the users are the co-owners of the products they consume? Or when businesses share the same ecosystem and benefit from each other's individual success? In my presentation at the Global Block Builders conference, I tell my story of launching an idea (SteemPress) on the Steem blockchain in the light of my own experience of working to build ecosystems for innovation.

Watch my presentation at the Global Block Builders conference in Austin 2019

Steem has shown me something that I've never seen anywhere else. Something that, for once in the blockchain space, answers questions and solves problems that are truly relevant to our time. As the bull-market is (hopefully) returning, I strongly believe that embracing the concepts of platform business models with open innovation and co-creation is what can make Steem stand out as a unique opportunity for innovators, entrepreneurs, and enterprises looking to build better relationships with their userbase. As made evident by how projects like our own could go from idea to business in weeks, and how users that feel part of the overall community can play a part in growing the ecosystem, we can and should be able to jointly develop the most attractive blockchain for entrepreneurs and users alike. In a time where disrupting technologies are the biggest challenge/opportunity of our lifetime, can decentralized co-ownership models where the community can earn their share through contributing to development be the way forward instead of citizens relying on some form of universal basic income? These are the questions that get me up in the morning these days eager to build the Steem Business Alliance and bring more individuals to the blockchain with steempress!

A big thank you to @andrarchy for recording and editing the presentation! Although I wish that the lighting was better and that I had the sound on my microphone recorded to improve its quality, I hope you'll find the presentation still worth watching!

And please, let me know what you think is the attribute of Steem which has proved to provide opportunity and added benefits that you have not seen anywhere else. We need more and better-communicated success stories!!

Finally, with the participation of both prominent Steemians as well as technology companies looking to learn what opportunities exist in the blockchain space, the Global Block Builders conference proved to be a great place to announce the Steem Business Alliance as open to new members.

SBA website landing page.png
The new website for the Steem Business Alliance as it was launched the same day as my presentation

I hope the presentation has given you some more insight into what we are building with the Steem Business Alliance, and also a new perspective on what can drive the value of Steem further. If you want to learn more about the SBA, please see our previous posts on the @steemba account, or visit our website at If you believe that I add value with the work that I do, or share the vision presented in my talk, please consider voting for the @steempress witness.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and listen to my talk. Let's co-create the most attractive blockchain for users, developers and investors. One block at a time!


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