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The Necessity of Innovation in Business


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That thing you keep procrastinating upon, is what someone is using to live the life of his dreams, this statement is my motivation this morning and I want to share it to help us make a move with our lives this week just like I have also decided to do.

When it comes to business, you should never get to a point where you feel too relaxed to think of something new and fresh. Even if your business appears to be doing well now, be rest assured that anything can happen at any time and always think about something to make your business appear fresher all the time. You might be surprised that I am using the word fresh, but as much as you want your body to appear young and fresh that same energy should be used in your business also if you want to make it appear attractive to customers.


A Story of a Gas Man.

There is a man that fills cooking gas in my neighbourhood, he was the only one doing that business and everyone went to him to get their gas filled, his customer service was not always good neither was it bad, I guess he clearly acted based on his mood at the moment, he filled the gas in a local way which made it time consuming for both him and those of us who patronized him. He was doing pretty well until one day when a new cooking gas centre opened in our neighbourhood but this time around this person came with an upgrade in the way gas was filled, instead of filling the gas the local way he used an upgraded machine format and it saved time for both the gas owner and the person rendering the service.

To make matters more complicated, the new gas business owner offered his service at a reduced rate and clearly there was no more reason why anyone would want to fill their gas with the previous gas man and eventually everyone moved away from him to the new one. Every day I watch him trying to keep business opened with just one or two persons coming to fill their cooking gas at his place until he closed up business eventually. All those years of being the gas champion in my neighbourhood, I wonder why he never thought about improving his services rather he was living large until someone with a better innovation completely took over business from him.


I now understand that the way the business game is being played is just about innovation, if you are not innovating then you will be swept away just like the previous gas man in my neighbourhood.


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