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The 3D Industrial Revolution - Automated Technology and Manufacturing bringing Result


29 days ago3 min read

3D printing has brought about a technology that now take manufacturing to a different level. Starting production of every part of products from scratch to finish using machine and software. This wasn’t a thing in everyone’s lip some years back as traditional manufacturing was the very way to produce products from car manufacturing, rocket manufacturing, and building construction and so on.


In the days of traditional manufacturing and buildings, it usually took billions of dollars and weeks or months for a production to take place due to labor issues but fast forward a few years now and things have completely changed, manufacturing now take few hours to complete and lesser money to be spent on the cost of production and manufacturing.

The 3D printing revolution is believed to be the 4th industrial revolution making productions cheaper, faster and improving technology. Aerospace companies are still involved in producing rocket traditionally but a few company like Relativity started building a completely automated 3D rocket in 60 days with only one man on stand to check the manufacturing once in a while. Relativity using 3D printing have been able to cut down expenses on a rocket by over 70% and they plan to send their 3D machine to Mars to print rockets. In the same way, SpaceX also started using 3D to print out spaceships. It shouldn’t be surprising as Elon Musk seems to be at the forefront of innovative technology.


I still do see a lot of people coming together to build a home, getting people to place the brick and others fill the cement, traditional ways of building homes were time consuming, not cost effective and was stressful but with 3D, printing homes just take about 24 hours which is time saving compared to the traditional method. Icon using a concrete 3D printer have been able to print homes in Mexico. Using 3D printers to build home also prevent waste which is one detrimental part of traditional buildings. 3D printing has been able to help us make designs that were never thought possible with traditional crafting.

We have seen 3D in the medical and health industry, and so on, and we hope it goes into more manufacturing and production sectors. It is no doubt that 3D is going to change the manufacturing industry. The earlier manufacturers start to adopt it, the better but also on the other hand, the more people would lose their jobs.


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