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Switching from Chrome to Firefox after years of being tracked online


6 months ago2 min read

Okay, Firefox Quantum is not even close to new.

Ashamed of myself to learn that the Firefox is a non-porfit organization after all my time spent online for years. Maybe the neatness and sleekness of the browser itself make me think it does not look like something created by a not profit-oriented company.

As I dived deeper into the idea of digital privacy and anonymity, there are lots of useful tools and tricks could enhance those important aspect average users used to ignore. Browser is probably the best place to start within the process of strengthening privacy. Have a good read here: A Healthy Internet is Secure and Private, Firefox Privacy Notice.

  • Firefox is open source and deployed by the non-profit Mozilla Foundation.
  • Firefox is more lightweight than the memory monster Chrome.
  • Firefox is built with privacy protection in mind.
  • Firefox has no tracker built-in as Chromium browser do.
  • Firefox is fully-customizable.
  • Firefox Private Window makes Chrome's Incognito mode looks like a joke.

While Firefox is a great browser with a clean base to start working on enhancing privacy, it needs to be hardened by a series of configuration for the best result. This is a list of must-have privacy add-ons like the uBlock Origin, * HTTPS Everywhere*, NoScript and etc.

Surprisingly, I found the switching the from Chrome to Firefox as I can find most of the extension I cannot live without easily on Firefox, import the bookmarks and boom. Transition completed!

What is your favourite browser?

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