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Bought a 2 years VPN plan via Bitcoin


7 months ago2 min read


Finally, I made the move, my first ever VPN subscription to up my online privacy to another level. After tons and months of researching which VPN is the best (dangerous topic to dive into, a huge amount of time is at stake), I've concluded that the Private Internet Access(PIA) could be my best bet considering it has a pretty good reputation among the community and great review from my Singapore peers. Here are some notable features coming from PIA:

  • Probably the cheapest VPN ever at $2.91/month if you go for the two years plan(total $69.95), I'm on this plan if you are wondering.
  • One account can pair up to 5 devices. This is more than enough for covering all the digital devices for an average person.
  • PIA keeps no log on their server so your privacy is well kept even if the service was taken down by FBI.
  • Fast internet speed as this is one of my biggest concerns when it comes to adding proxy server in between my computer and the internet. I have not noticed any slowdown on internet speed since day one using it.
  • It accepts Bitcoins as payment. This might not sound like outstanding as VPN service providers are one of the pioneers to adopt crypto payment.


My second Bitcoin payment buying service.

There is some minor drawback with PIA as well, such as user cannot choose their own username, 7 days of guaranteed money back period is much shorter than its competitors. But none of those is deal breaker for me.

Bottom line

It might not feel significant 'secured' or 'upgraded' the moment you put the VPN on your house internet connection. The extra peace of mind moments come when I connect my MacBook to the Starbucks public WiFi and I can rest assured no one is sniffing my connection, and the moment I realise I can visit some websites(no porno)that was previously blocked by my company network.

It feels extra awesome especially this privilege comes from the cost of merely one cup of coffee, in a month.

If you are interested, this is a referral link which can get us both a bonus 30 days.

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