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Increased my steem-ua ­čśÄdelegation...


5 months agoSteemit3 min read

Decided to increase it... to reflect my latest increased activity on STEEM this year and also motivate others on doing the same, or at least generate some discussion/awareness about it.

Do you trust on current reputation system?

To be honest, for me it is just a weighted number of how many SP voted for you so far. It does not have nay other intelligence. This is why we should think about it at least and find new ways to "classify" reputation.

Just as an example, a few weeks ago, I have done a test and payed like ~8 STEEM or something on paid votes, to understand how easy it would be, at the level I am, to raise my reputation number (aka score). And my conclusion was what I already knew. Very easy! With ~8 STEEM I was able to jump almost 1 point, which is quite a lot if you consider normal curation voting at the average user daily interactivity.

So, when you see anyone today above >50 reputation, it can mean a lot... or nothing at all. I can even find some above >60 that probably have just started in 2019, but have very little "responses" on this blockchain.

Maybe it all will change with the SMTs

Honestly I hope so. STEEM has a lot of users and improving the rigor of it's characteristics might not just easier, but also more valuable when compared with "starting from zero" approach.

There are lots of experiments on this community and variety of developed tools and applications that really stepped up this blockchain. You might find all sort of complains about this and that, but fact is, most of us are still here, and if we compare in percentage with other Blockchains, I am not so sure if you can have even double digit unit percentages.

There is a lot of expectation with upgrades on STEEM usually. And historically it has not been a swift ride when those happen for the average user. So, what's about to happen with SMTs might even shape some of this non-well taken feedback. Let's see. One thing is for sure, I will be here!

From 100SP to 500SP

As I said, as an incentive to all let's step up the game and jump over the "average". If you all do the same, it has a huge impact on small delegations and new comers.


=) Done


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