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Why Do You Need an Agent While Looking Out For Office Space?


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START-UP – the term itself makes the entrepreneurs conscious about their business decisions and actions. Of course, one has to be very conscious about each and every move while stepping into a new business. Looking for an office space is one such crucial step that an entrepreneur has to take when he/she decides to move out of the home office and give their business an exposure.

What would you do as a business owner while taking this crucial step?

Would you step into the market yourself looking for an office space?

Even if you do so, will you be able to find a space that would suit your business?

Even if you find, can you negotiate on the lease terms on your own?

Isn’t it something to be concerned about?

Yes, it is. Seeking the help of an experienced real estate is always better than just jumping into the market yourself.

But what makes it so important to have an agent?

Here’s how it can help you attain an upper edge in time and cost savings.

Agents make it their responsibility

Finding an ideal office space for a business takes a lot of time that sometimes it becomes very tedious if you do it yourself. You have to visit lots of commercial places, analyse the pros and cons of a place, and you will also be responsible to decide how much space you would need to set up your office. But if you hire an agent who can help you find a space, they make it their sole responsibility to settle you up in an office space that suits your business well.

You’ll never miss out a space that suits

How far you can cover searching alone for an office space you need? Certainly not to an extent that a professional real estate agent can do! An important thing that all the entrepreneurs should know is that, most of the commercial properties are not marketed to public, so they have the least chance to find a desirable space for themselves. But a commercial real estate agent will know the exact locations where the vacancies would create in short time. So, having an agent to represent, you’ll never miss a place that you would probably miss while searching yourself.

They negotiate on your behalf

Commercial real estate is not very similar to residential estate, and it involves several complicated processes that would be difficult for an entrepreneur to do them all alone. Unlike buying a house or a car, leasing an office space involves so many complications like negotiating on the space, early termination clauses, parking costs, tenant allowances, and many other things. But an agent can help you avoid some common mistakes you would do while leasing an office space.

The opposite party might have an agent

One more strong reason for you to have an agent is that, your opposite party, i.e. whom you are planning to lease/rent the space from, might have an agent to represent the deal.

So, who would be in a better position to negotiate?

Is it you, an entrepreneur looking an office space for your own or an experienced real estate agent who is representing the landlord?

It’s definitely the agent who’ll be in an upper edge. So why give that chance to them?

Have an experienced commercial real estate agent who can make it really easy for you to find an office space of your dream. All you need to know is that it’s got its own benefits. Of course, doing it on yourself can save your money, but only if you can do it faster, which is almost impossible. You never know how much you would spend in the process saving the brokerage cost. Make sure your decision is wise enough to take your business to the next level.


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