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A Witch Playing NextColony: "After 6 days I appear with my level 125, Very Good!"

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8 months agoSteemit4 min read

Hello Dear Witches...!

6 days have passed since my last report in Nextcolony. Don't think I left it, or that I got another planet where there is no internet, I haven't neglected my planet, but a little bit my reports, but here I am back hoping you have already joined the expedition.

After leaving my planet at a level 106, things have been a little slower but really more satisfying, resources have been wasted on a couple of opportunities, so I decided to invest more resources in the repositories, we can not continue to generate something that is wasted, we are not being efficient at all. So after all I went back to basics for a couple of days.

Notice that you have added a new skill to my list, and it is a shielding generator, which is both in the skills module and in the buildings, and as you can imagine I immediately invested part of my resources in building this skill, because this only means one thing, THE WAR IS COMING! hahaha and it is better to be protected.

What demands more resources from me is the construction of explorers and transportation, however if I ever want to go out to find more planets I must invest them, plus when one of these is on the next level my planet takes giant steps in its growth. I also began to invest resources in increasing the production of copper and uranium, because these are the ones that in almost all opportunities do not allow me to build more.

The buildings of the base and the shipyard have also been improved in the last few days, everything must be improved, the faster it is much better, remember: THE WAR IS COMING! hahaha, all the buildings must have a good level because we don't know what can happen later. And if pirate troops come to steal our resources and we have some buildings without a responsible level, better to prevent than to regret, again I say so.

After all these changes and investment of resources these last 6 days, I have managed to reach a level 125, after all I'm working well, or at least that's what I think, at this rate and very soon will be in a next level 200 and celebrating again, for now we must continue to build transport and explorers, and remember not to stop investing resources in shield generator, it takes a percentage of our production of resources, but it is minimum when we think what we can lose at the time of an attack.

Remember to take a walk around #NextColony so you'll fall in love like me, you won't regret it. That's all for today, I hope you liked this breakthrough as much as I did.

Images taken from the official website of Nextcolony, and edited in PowerPoint 2013

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