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Info Chart: Historic Events Pointing to August 10/11 2019

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InfoChart Events pointing to August Ten and Eleven.jpg

This InfoChart was a tricky one: I tried to take all events with significant numbers pointing to August ten and eleven this year and unite them in one image. There were so many, I had to cut out half of my research, or it would have been even more confusing than it already is. Let's go through it together.

Insurrection of 10 August 1792

The fall of the french monarchy will turn 227 years on August 10. 22 divided by 7 is an approximation of Pi with 3.14. Also, French Monarchy and French Revolution equal 227 as well. This is important, as we had the 2016 Nice Attack, where a supposed ISIS member was driving through the pedastrians - on the 227th birthday of the Storm of the Bastille.

Insurrection of 10 August 1792.PNG

End of World War I

The horrible World War I will be over exactly 1209 months on August 11. 129 equals America and LGBT, which fits perfectly to San Francisco, with the largest LGBT community in the world.

World War I 287 728 1914 111 1918.PNG

Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

Sandy Hook was fake as fuck. Just look at the video with crisis actor Robby Parker, who supposedly lost a child a day before this interview. What a lousy actor he is. Note how CNN shows the same clip on Youtube but did cut the important ten seconds out, before he started speaking - still smiling.

From Sandy Hook to August 10 are 2430 days. The USA, the Illuminati and San Francisco all turn 243 this year. On August 10, San Francisco turns 243 years and 135 days - or 88,888 days. 243 equals The Flood and Enlightened. 135 equals Golden Gate Bridge.

Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting.PNG

North Korea

Trump was the first US president meeting with a North Korean leader. He met 'Rocketman' on a 6/12 day, to add to the long list of 612 connections. More interestingly is the distance from then to August 10, which is exactly 424 days. How fitting, as 424 equals North Korea.

612 North Korea US Singapore Summit 2018 Mercury at 88° ecliptic.PNG

US recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel

This important act of Donald Trump took place on a 6/12 day, equaling Lion's Gate, which the sun will enter a few days before that. It refers to Revelation 6:12 and the great earthquake, which fits all the earthquake coding I covered in previous articles. From the recognition to August 10 are 612 days.

Recognition of Jerusalem Trump Israel 612 126.PNG

September Eleven Attacks

The mega ritual 9/11 took place exactly 6120 seconds, just to connect back to the 612 above. From 9/11 to August 11 are exactly 215 months. 215 equals Attack, which couldn't be more fitting.

September 11 attacks 9-11 911 119 1h 42m 142 6120s 612 102m.PNG

John F. Kennedy Assassination

After this powerful alchemy ad astrology event, the CIA invented the term 'conspiracy theory', to discredit the exploding truth community afterwards. From that event to August 11 are 668 months and 20 days - or the 669th month. And 669 equals California Earthquake.

John F Kennedy (JFK) 529 295 1917 1122 2211 1963.PNG

Saddam Hussein and the 2003 Iraq Invasion

Iraq Invasion 2003 (Iraq War) 320 203 51 15 2003.PNG

From Saddam's death sentence in court to August 11 are exactly 666 weeks. What a profound number connections, don't you think? I don't think I have to give you Gematria examples for this number, as it stands out on its own.

Saddam Hussein 428 284 1937 1230 3012 2006.PNG

Even though not directly connected to August 10/11, I have added the connection to Skull and Bones: Both Saddam Hussein and Skull and Bones equal 572.

George Herbert Walker Bush and the Gulf War

This brings us to papa Bush, who died 8 months and 11 days before August 10. This gives us the numbers from August 11 (8/11) and also from revelation 8:11 and the Wormwood star. Didn't he pick a great day to leave this world? I actually doubt he really died that day, but that's a different story.

George H W Bush.PNG

His first Gulf War turns 348 months and 9 days - or the 349th month. 349 equals Nuclear, although I doubt that any nuclear event will take place that day. But who knows, as both nuclear bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, plus the capitulation of Japan, turn 888 months on August 6, 9 and 15, encircling August 10/11 perfectly.

Gulf War (Iraq War) 82 28 1990 228 282 1991.PNG

Leonardo DaVinci

This year we celebrate the 500th death year of Leonardo DaVinci, the inspired genius, who drew the Vitruvian Man. This image was depicted on the 33rd annual cover of Rothschild owned The Economist magazine, which is known for their predictive symbolism.

However, the more interesting connection to Leonardo is his birthday: April 15th is a mysterious day and this year we saw the Notre Dame cathedral burn. A symbolic act of the destruction of the orthodox world view in an alchemical process into the New World Order. Leonardo turned 567 years on that day.

From that day to August 11 are 118 days, as in the 11th of August.

This number is encoded in the tallest obelisk in the world, the San Jacinto monument, which is 567ft tall.

San Jacinto Monument 567ft.PNG

San Jacinto Monument 567 ft.jpg

It represents Osiris and has the reflective pool for Isis, which points exactly to the trinity site in New Mexico.

San Jacinto Monument and reflective pool.jpg

Trinity Site New Mexico.jpg

567 also equals Dark Phoenix, the title of the new X-Men movie, featuring Sophie Turner, the star from Game of Thrones. Remember how Game of Thrones ended at 1:18 hour? Sophie Turner has a super coded birthday (138, 119, 314, 101, 216) and equals 1008 - like August Ten, the first day of Tisha B'Av and Eid al'Adha. And the phoenix represents the alchemical process of death and rebirth, from the old into the new.

Dark Phoenix poster.jpg

By the way: The movie premieres on 6/6, 66 days before August 11.

Trump Visits Western Wall in Jerusalem

Donald Trump's first visit to Jerusalem as US president, was a very symbolic act. He touched the Western Wall of the Temple Mount on 4:24 pm (equaling North Korea, see above), on May 22, the day where Sirius disappears from the Northern night sky, to reappear through the Lion's Gate on August 8 (8/8) from San Francisco's perspective. From that day to August 11 are exactly 811 days.

Trump makes historic visit to Western Wall 811 days before August Ten.PNG


I know this is all very speculative and nobody knows what is going to happen - if anything - other than the 'coders' of these events. To me, this looks like earthquake but the North Korea thing cannot be underestimated. I don't think there will be a North Korea false flag that day but on the other hand, it could be, regarding all that North Korea coding. I do expect an earthquake though, because of the massive 612 coding and the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake Baseball reunion that day in San Francisco.

However, we cannot live in fear because of that, instead we can see this as a chance to wake up more people. Nevertheless, I do suggest a happy family weekend trip into the Rocky Mountains, if you live at the US West Coast. Or maybe, it was all just a big waste of my and your time and I will be ridiculed in the process. I am preparing for both possibilities and, for the sake of human lifes, I hope that I am wrong.

InfoChart Events pointing to August Ten and Eleven.jpg

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