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Dark Phoenix - Leonardo da Vinci & X-Men

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When the Economist magazine features something on their cover, you can bet it is meant as an esoteric predictive programming. This year, we find Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man on it, because 2019 is Leonardo's great year, as you will see below. More importantly, the X-Men movie 'Dark Pheonix' ties in very well into the coding.

The Economist - The World in 2019 Cover.jpg

Leonardo da Vinci 415 154 1452 52 25 1519.PNG

On April 15 was Leonardo's 567th birthday and on May 2nd, his 500th death day.

From Leonardo DaVinci birth 4-15-1452 to 4-15-2019 567 years.PNGLeonardo da Vinci 500th death anniversary 6000m.PNG
567 Dark Phoenix.PNG500 Potus.PNG
567 Zodiac.PNG500 Sun Moon.PNG
567 Exorcism.PNG500 Foundation.PNG

Leonardo's birthday is April 15. That is the day of the yearly analemma crossing point, which creates the infinity symbol or the figure eight in the sky.


It is also the day when the Titanic sank (after it hit the ice berg on April 14).

Sinking of the Titanic 415 414 415 154.PNG

It was also the day of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Boston Marathon 2013 bombing 415 154.PNG

And this year we saw the Notre Dame cathedral burn.

Notre Dame fire 105 415 154.jpg

567 Years

August 11 is 118 days after April 15. 118 as in 11th of August.
From Leonardo DaVinci birth to August Eleven 567 years and 118 days.PNG

We find the 567 encoded in the height of the San Jacinto monument.

San Jacinto Monument 567 ft.jpg

San Jacinto Monument 567ft.PNG

It is the biggest obelisk in the world, representing Osiris. Its reflective pool represents Isis and points directly to the trinity site in New Mexico, where the first nuclear bomb was supposedly tested.

San Jacinto Monument and reflective pool.jpg

Trinity Site New Mexico.jpg

In Revelation 8:11 we have the wormwood star mentioned. Wormwood is 'Chernobyl' in Ukranian. The verse equals 567.

Revelation 8-11 Wormwood correlation with San Jacinto monument 567.PNG

The number 567 connects to the Dark Phoenix movie from the X-Men franchise, that premieres on 6/6, 66 days before August 11.

Dark Phoenix poster.jpg

567 Dark Phoenix.PNG

It features Sophie Turner, the star from Game of Thrones.

Sophie Turner 221 212 1996.PNG

Her birth numerology is insane:
Sophie Turner birth numerology 138 48 30 119 20 52 314 23 120 38 101 1944 216 221 212 1996.PNG

She has a 138, like Donald Trump. She has 119 like 9/11. She has 314 as in Pi. She has 101 as in Christian and Church. And she has 216 as in 6x6x6.

Her name equals 1008, like August Ten.
1008 Sophie Turner.PNG

Just like George R R Martin, the father of Game of Thrones.
1008 George R R Martin.PNG

We are in the Chinese year of the pig.
1008 The Year Of The Pig.PNG

In Hebrew, 'great Pyramid' equals 1008.
1008 Great Pyramid Hebrew 108.PNG


X-Men equals 375.
375 X-Men.PNG

And Paris, France, where we saw the yellow vest movement and the Notre Dame burning this year, also equals 375.
375 Paris, France.PNG


Marvel equals 836.
836 Marvel.PNG

So does pornography.
836 Pornography.PNG

2018 and 2019 we have seen the first appearance of 'deep fake' videos, with celebrity faces faked onto porn actors. Also, the voice technology has reached a point where it can imitate human beings. So the 'computer program' is ready for the craziest videos in the future. Prepare yourself.
836 Computer Program.PNG

836 also equals 'national emergency', a concept that has been trained by the US with the emergency alert system, that can contact all US citizens when needed. I am sure they will use it for their next big 9/11.
836 National Emergency.PNG


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